DATA - Data Engineer

Job description

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  • She/He is the guarantor of quality access to data sources.
  • She/He is responsible for management of the data and is guarantor of the quality of its use

(referencing, standardization and qualification) in order to facilitate its use by the teams (Data

Analysts and Data Scientists).

  • She/He also contributes to the elaboration of the data policy and the structuring of its life cycle

within the regulatory framework in force, in collaboration with the Chief Data Officer.

  • Her/His intervention scope centers on application systems in the data management and processing

domain, and on platforms such as Big Data, IoT, etc.

  • She/He is responsible for overseeing and integrating data of a variety of types originating from

these different sources and confirms the quality of the Data entering the Data Lake (she/he

receives data, deletes duplicates, etc.).

  • Captures the structured and unstructured data produced within different applications or

outside the entity

  • Integrates the components
  • Structures the data (semantics, etc.)
  • Maps the available components
  • Cleans up the data (deleting duplicates, etc.)
  • Validates the data
  • Where appropriate, he creates the data repository

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