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Job description

Job description: The role for you

We’re seeking a Data Scientist to shape cutting-edge analytical pipelines for in-depth sustainability insights. You’ll guide strategic interventions addressing land use change, deforestation, ecosystem conversion and -services, carbon stocks, biodiversity, water resources and climate risk. 

If you are passionate about the sustainable sourcing of agri-commodities have a knack for leveraging large and complex datasets to drive strategic decision-making; if you thrive on creativity, systemic thinking and global collaboration; and if you want to make an impact that matters, this role is for you! 

Job Description

As Data Scientist Sustainability you will be joining our global CRS team, playing a pivotal role in our mission to be the change for good food and a healthy future. By leveraging spatial analytics, in-house, and external datasets you will establish strategic analytical pipelines that help us find priority hotspots of intervention and guide or sustainability operations. You will help us to stay up to date with cutting-edge spatial datasets in our sustainability priority areas, put them into practice, and build capacity across all our more than 50 origination countries. You will integrate multiple data sources, use programming to build analytical pipelines, and capitalize on data visualization to bring your insights across various stakeholders. You will be applying multivariate statistics, inference statistical methods, predictive modelling, machine learning, spatial analysis, and mapping to diverse topics including land use change, deforestation, ecosystem conversion and -services, carbon stocks, biodiversity, water resources and climate risk.

Your work will directly influence our sustainable sourcing ambition and contribute to our commitment to sustainability.

Key Deliverables
  • Acting as the Product Owner of our current geospatial applications: being compliant with internal policies, regulations and frameworks such as EUDR, GHG Protocol and SBTi, SBTN, etc.
  • Maintain and update analytical pipelines, structured in, or linked to, cloud computing platforms (e.g. Google Earth Engine, Sentinel Hub, GCP)
  • Expand geo-spatial assessment capabilities: Design and implement new analytical pipelines for spatially explicit sustainability assessments; (e.g., integrating PRODES, MapBiomas, Tropical moist forest-TMF, biodiversity & climate risk layers, etc.) constantly researching and integrating state-of-the-art datasets
  • Customized sustainability assessments: Design and implement cross-cutting analytical pipelines to make customized and automated sustainability diagnosis reports at different aggregation levels (e.g., farmer, farmer-group, country, customer, etc.)
  • Strategic sustainability program design and advice delivery: leverage findings to identify priority intervention areas and give advice to build implementation strategies that deliver most impactful results across multiple cross-cutting sustainability dimensions
  • Capacity building for sustainable sourcing: You will liaise with our sustainability teams at origins to transfer knowledge and enhance team capabilities for implementing findings into our sustainable sourcing strategies and projects.
Organizational Effectiveness
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to address business challenges
  • Effectively communicate results and insights to diverse audiences with various regional backgrounds
  • Support the Global Sustainability team; maintaining and keeping up to date current carbon monitoring, deforestation risk assessment, and applications used
  • Explore and study new cutting-edge and innovative data sources into sustainability assessment pipelines
Profile description: Requirements

To be successful in this role, you would need to have experience in, and knowledge of both the technical capabilities involved in Data Science, as well as the environmental aspects of agriculture. Particularly in the interface with land use change, land use modelling, deforestation, ecosystem conversion, carbon stocks, biodiversity, climate risk and water resources.

  • Minimum postgraduate level education (PhD preferable) in a related field 
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in (applied) research, multi-variate statistical analysis, data management, data integration and spatial analysis
  • Proficiency in data visualization packages, creating dynamic dashboard visualizations (e.g. Shiny Leaflet, GEE) and automated reporting
  • Proficiency in building automated reporting pipelines using multiple programming languages, such as R, Python, MySQL, and Javascript, and integrating large, complex and mixed datasets (e.g., spatially explicit, tabular, continuous, ordinal, categorical, etc.)
  • Experience with cloud computing and peer coding, such as Google Cloud, BigQuery, Google Earth Engine, Collab, and GitHub. With particular emphasis on handling geospatial datasets (raster and vector)
We offer: An opportunity awaits

In this role, you will have the exciting opportunity to collaborate with teams from more than 48 countries, encompassing diverse backgrounds and academic levels.You’ll work closely with our AtSource team and corporate reporting platforms, playing a pivotal role in aligning our sustainability efforts.This position can be filled either in our London office, or our Amsterdam office, as long as you contain a valid right to work for this location. 

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