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Job description

Job Description

We are looking for a strategic and inquisitive senior data scientist to develop and run data-centered projects. The senior data scientist will be required to outline work requirements, assign tasks to junior staff, and monitor performance within the team.

As a leading IT services provider, we are looking for somebody with an advanced degree in data science, statistics, computer science, or similar with more than 3 years of experience to join our office in Mohali.


Key Skills

R or Python


Machine Learning Principles and Techniques


Roles and Responsibilities

Must formulate, suggest, and manage data-driven projects to promote business interests.

Should collate and clean data from various entities to be used later by junior data scientists.

Should delegate tasks to Junior Data Scientists to realize the successful completion of projects.

Monitor the performance of Junior Data Scientists and provide them with practical guidance, as required.

Select and employ advanced statistical procedures to obtain actionable insights.

Produce and disseminate non-technical reports that elaborate on the successes and limitations of each project.

Suggest ways in which insights obtained might be used to form business strategies.

Stay informed about developments in Data Science and adjacent fields to ensure that outputs are always relevant.

Must devise and oversee data-centered projects.

Must have outstanding supervision and mentorship abilities.

Comply with prevailing ethical standards.

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