Job description

What You Will Do:

The Lifecycle Operations team charter and focus is to automate hundreds of processes, connect teams and decisions across the enterprise, and harvest valuable knowledge locked inside our data in ways that benefit Cisco.

The team’s focus areas are:

Pursuing the most critical and complicated transformational projects across Lifecycle Operations. These are the “must wins” in operations.

Build a decision-making process across all of operations by redesigning manual, disconnected processes into self-learning, automated solutions that provide not only scale but simplicity and rich data.

Supporting dozens of teammates, we call data champions, who are embedded within teams and are responsible for improving decisions and outcomes within their org. We may fill technical gaps or drive an entire solution depending on what the team needs. Our supporting role and their ownership creates a wonderful partnership that cross-pollinates skills across teams and gives ownership to the team using the solution.

In support of these activities, we build the core, reusable components, and patterns for the rest of the org and our skill set extends beyond what most people expect in a data science team.

This role will have a blend of technical delivery, influencing at all levels, and creating the vision for a given solution that is explainable, supportable, and measurable. Key skills for this role include articulating requirements and solutions for integrating software data into the existing framework, explaining and translating to multi-functional teams in order to persuade and influence successful outcomes.

You will write code, build long-term components, and meeting with partners about their most pressing needs. You need to deliver on these solutions. This will require you to actively listen and guide them towards a feasible and valuable solution.

You will help team members learn and demonstrate your skills by creating re-usable, well-designed components for the team. This requires active listening, engaging, and collaborating with multi-functional teammates to get results.

You will fill gaps in the team with independent research and POCs.

Who You'll Work With


This team of highly motivated full stack data scientists works every day to make Cisco a better place. We balance and support each other’s skills and work. We structure ourselves around working in flexible teams that allow us to work on interesting projects that flow into valuable outcomes that you will be proud of.

Who You Are:

You are passionate about solving problems related to software data. You believe people and machines working together will change the world. Responsibility and accountability are things you crave versus tolerate. In general, you love individual contributions as part of a team solving highly complex problems. We rarely work with a specification but rather assemble teams working to do the “right thing.”

You have been successful working with both technical and non-technical partners implementing technical solutions based on probabilistic certainty. You enjoy ambiguity and evolving a solution on a timeline plus be able to evaluate trade-offs in design decisions.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors with 5+ years or Masters with 3+ years of related data science, data engineering, and programming, experience
  • You can work independently with strong problem-solving skills and are very skilled in several of these capabilities:
  • Data Science: Experimental design, feature engineering, communication of process and evaluation of results. Significant experience with the Python based data science toolkits such as pandas and NumPy.
  • Data Management: Full range of ETL and traditional data warehouse experience; Data modeling for analytics and operational systems and Solid understanding of triggers, procedures, indexes, views, primary keys etc.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior Cisco experience preferred (working with Software Data, Install Base data, Renewals data, and RMA data to ultimately help Cisco make better renewal decisions)
  • Understanding of existing Cisco databases and tables, Cisco data models and structures

Problem Solving Process:

Transparent, decision focused evaluation of the problem and the available solutions. We don’t get stopped by organizational roadblocks and in fact are empowered to “kick down doors” when vital. We hold people accountable for decisions and commitments just as we are held accountable to ours. Not every project succeeds, but teamwork, clear communication and accountability keep teams working together over the long term.

Doing the right thing for Cisco. We may find that a project reduces the need for an organization. Sometimes we uncover inefficiencies that need to be improved. People matter at Cisco, as we bring the facts and options to the decision makers.

Keeping track of what we know and when we know it. Tracking discoveries and noting failures are essential for us to get better. The CRISP-DM process helps us record our journeys through a project and build a vast range of valuable insights into what we have done in the past and why we reached specific decisions.

Programming: Primarily we are a Python-based team with JavaScript in our GUIs. We want to see secure, well-organized code with at least some tests. We share code and build reusable components so bad code is not an option.

DevOps: We use GitHub, Docker, and various deployment processes. We need people who think about their solutions as containers. Ideally, you enjoy working to define repeatable processes that the team could use in all of our solutions. In the end, we will automate and seamlessly train, verify, and deploy hundreds of models and services into production every day. These solutions will be scaled up and down as needed and will minimize overall infrastructure costs to Cisco.

Process Orchestration: Our solutions are a combination of workflows, models, decision engines, data prep, data management, and analytics and they need automated deployments. Easy dependency management and easy process restarts from failed jobs are part of what we need. If you have experience with Airflow or Prefect the team will value your contributions immediately.

Big Data Engineering: Your experience and creativity in the realm of big data technologies are important. The ability to efficiently solve problems by balancing performance, cost, and maintainability will enable our entire team to handle the immense data flows we work with. Do you have several projects under your belt with a billion or more rows of data ready to discuss?

Data Capture: Ideally you want to deeply understand users and how they make decisions. This skill is about capturing the decision context and helping algorithms learn. We work differently from most data scientists. We may not start with existing data. Instead we may start by modeling a decision and building a process and interface to actually generate the features we need to automate a decision. You will influence the data we save and the way people work.

Basic GUI development: You should understand single page apps and have built and supported useful interfaces to solve problems. Interactive visualizations in D3 or another JavaScript wrappers are also valuable.

Why Cisco

#WeAreCisco, where each person is unique, but we bring our talents to work as a team and make a difference powering an inclusive future for all.

We embrace digital, and help our customers implement change in their digital businesses. Some may think we’re “old” (36 years strong) and only about hardware, but we’re also a software company. And a security company. We even invented an intuitive network that adapts, predicts, learns and protects. No other company can do what we do – you can’t put us in a box!

But “Digital Transformation” is an empty buzz phrase without a culture that allows for innovation, creativity, and yes, even failure (if you learn from it.)

Day to day, we focus on the give and take. We give our best, give our egos a break, and give of ourselves (because giving back is built into our DNA.) We take accountability, bold steps, and take difference to heart. Because without diversity of thought and a dedication to equality for all, there is no moving forward.

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