AI Engineer (LLM) (100% remote - US)

Job description

At Tether, we're committed to making advanced AI technologies more accessible. Thanks to its investment in AI infrastructure, starting from Northern Data, Tether is now in a prime position to tackle ambitious AI projects. Our goal is to build the next generation of AI models, leading innovation in AI, through an accessible, transparent and privacy preserving approach.

The role involves building AI solutions across the spectrum from large-scale models designed for advanced applications to smaller, highly performant models tailored for efficiency on edge devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Our dynamic team operates entirely remotely, uniting talent from every corner of the globe. Our journey has been marked by rapid growth and efficient operations, firmly establishing us as pioneers within the industry. Join us in building AI models and solutions that not only compete with but exceed the capabilities of current leaders, driving both technological advancement and broad accessibility.

What You'll Do:

  • Research and Development of multimodal AI models that set new industry standards.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure our AI models are effectively integrated into market-driven solutions.
  • A degree in Computer Science. Ideally PhD in AI, Machine Learning, or a related field, complemented by a solid track record in AI R&D.
  • Experience building a LLM or other large models from scratch including writing model code, gathering training data, optimizing training and inference.
  • Strong experience in NLP, multimodal learning, proficient in TensorFlow, PyTorch, JAX and CUDA toolkit.
  • Excellent programming skills in Python, C++, JavaScript or similar.

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