Job description

Department Purpose

The Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) team at Starhub is dedicated to understanding, enhancing, and optimizing the customer journey. From acquisition to retention, the CLM team employs data-driven strategies to provide unparalleled customer experiences. Through a combination of data science, business intelligence, customer insights, NPS, and digital analytics, the CLM team ensures that Starhub's offerings are aligned with customer needs, leading to increased loyalty, satisfaction, and growth.

Role Purpose

The Data Analyst is key to supporting data-driven initiatives within the CLM team at Starhub. Specializing in SQL, Tableau, and Python, the Data Analyst turns raw data into meaningful insights, helping both the team and wider organization understand key business metrics and customer trends in specific to SME accounts. By creating focused dashboards and conducting in-depth analyses, the Data Analyst aids in visualizing the narratives behind the data, contributing to more strategic and impactful business decisions. This role goes beyond merely generating reports; it involves dissecting and interpreting data to offer valuable recommendations, thereby playing an essential role in refining customer experiences and supporting Starhub's business objectives.

Key Accountabilities

  • Use SQL to collect data from various sources and clean it to ensure accuracy and readiness for analysis.
  • Develop and maintain Tableau dashboards that transform raw data into actionable insights for business stakeholders.
  • Use Python for complex statistical analyses and interpret the results to provide actionable business recommendations.
  • Engage with business units to understand their specific data needs and translate these into analytics projects.
  • Regularly create and present reports that track key business metrics, thereby influencing strategic decisions.
  • Automate recurring reports and analyses using Python scripts, making data retrieval and insight generation more efficient.
  • Collaborate closely with the BI Lead and other data-centric roles to ensure alignment and data integrity across projects
  • Use SQL to collect data from various sources and clean it to ensure accuracy and readiness for analysis.

Education Level

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Analytics, or a related field. Master’s degree (preferred) in a related field.

Required Experience And Knowledge

Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in a business setting focused on data analysis, insights, and recommendations. Proficiency in SQL, Tableau, and Python.

Professional Qualification / Certification Requirements

Preferred certifications include Tableau Desktop Associate or Professional, and Python programming certifications like PCEP or PCAP.

Job-Specific Technical Skills

Proficiency in SQL for data extraction and manipulation. Expertise in Tableau for data visualization. Ability to use Python for advanced statistical analyses.

Behavioural Skills

Strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Excellent communication abilities for presenting complex data. Team player with a proactive attitude. Adaptability to changing business requirements.

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