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WEX is a global leader in financial technology solutions, based in Portland, Maine, United States, with over 6,000 WEXers distributed in over 40 countries. We simplify the complexities of payment systems across continents and industries like Fleet, Corporate Payments, and Benefits. We look to manage employee benefits, streamline how companies pay and get paid by suppliers, save on fuel costs, or modernize how companies manage their fleet, WEX solutions reduce the administrative burdens.

About The Opportunity

We are seeking an experienced Data Engineer to play a critical role in the development of WEX's enterprise data & analytics capabilities. You will be part of an organization focusing on the development and delivery of data solutions and capabilities for WEX’s data platform. The successful candidate is motivated by thinking big data, technically proficient, and enjoys working in a fast paced environment.

You Will Be Expected To

At WEX, we treat data and data artifacts as first-class citizens. They form our backbone and drive the business insight we generate. We are looking for an experienced Qlik Replicate Administrator to join our Data Engineering & Operations team. You’ll work with on-premise and cloud databases to configure source/target end points and create high performing data replication tasks. You’ll be part of a team that is also responsible for:

  • Continuously training our SRE team to handle L1 and L2 production support issues
  • Monitoring production servers, scheduled jobs, and incident management
  • Developing standards, best practices, and how-to guides
  • Mentoring other Data Engineers to create robust tasks
  • Understanding Qlik’s product roadmap, including depreciated/new features, patch & version releases, and QCDI, to make adjustments to our data pipelines
  • Working with DBAs to configure source databases and Qlik endpoints
  • Working with DevOps to address network changes (VPC peering, subnets, firewalls, etc.)

You’ll be part of a collaborative scrum team that consists of an Agility Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Data Engineers, QA, and DevOps. You’ll also be supported by a manager that is here to listen and help you grow.

We Are Looking For a Professional Who Has

You care deeply about the veracity (i.e. consistency, accuracy, quality, and trustworthiness) of data. You enjoy designing, maintaining, and optimizing data pipelines & infrastructure, for data collection, management, transformation, and access. In addition, you:

  • Are a strong critical thinker with analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Are self motivated and able to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Bring thought leadership to your area of responsibility and enjoy staying ahead in your field

This position requires you to collaborate across multiple groups at WEX, so you are someone with excellent communication skills and persuasive power. You can make rational arguments for action to evoke positive responses.


Our core stack for this position consists of Qlik Replicate, Snowflake, AWS Services, and various RDBMS. You possess the following skills and experiences:

  • Advanced knowledge of Qlik Replicate and Enterprise Manager, managing endpoints and streaming CDC (change data capture) tasks
  • Solid SQL skills and understanding of query optimization strategies in Snowflake; plus, ability to monitor, visualize and optimize the end-to-end database execution flow with a keen focus on performance and correctness
  • Fundamental understanding of the following AWS services:
    • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) - performance monitoring & optimization and knowledge of instance types
    • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - provisioning of virtual networks and all its basic components (security group, network access control list, route tables, subnet, etc.)
    • S3, IAM, Secrets Manager, AWS CLI
    • Mastery of RDBMS concepts, specifically the mechanics of transaction logs, RBAC, standby configuration/availability groups, encryption, and datatypes

    Bonus: You have successfully implemented CI/CD of Qlik Replicate tasks in a production environment.

    If you are looking for a growing career – come be part of WEX today!

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