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We are hiring top Data Scientists with minimum 1 year of experience who will teach, train and improve different LLMs (no prior AI experience needed).

Turbocharge your career by working on prompt engineering, fine tuning, and other such skills of the future. These roles do not require AI / machine learning expertise but instead demand deep subject matter expertise in coding, coupled with fluent English and critical thinking. This role requires you to teach AI models how to code instead of writing code yourself and help many programmers in the future to code better.

More about the roles:

These are project-based part-time roles that offer flexible hours, with an anticipated commitment of 2-3 hours daily. They are remote roles where you need to work off a PC of your own. You will be training AI models on:

- Text to SQL Conversion

- SQL query Debugging

Pay will vary by project and typically starts at ~Rs. 1200 per hour (if you work an average of 3 hours every day - that could be as high as Rs 1 Lakh per month).

After applying you can express interest in 'Flamingo Project' under the active projects section in your Soul AI homepage.

*iOS users, if you are facing issues, please apply via native browser of your device and not via LinkedIn browser. Apply -> 3 dots on top right -> Open in Browser -> Now you can Continue with Google

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