Job description

We're looking for data scientists and analysts in Stockholm, Malmö, and Göteborg to start this fall. This position is ideal for recent graduates ready to launch their careers in data science and analytics. If you're newly graduated or about to graduate, we encourage you to apply. Join our team and start making a significant impact right away in a supportive and dynamic setting.

You will be surrounded by a team of colleagues who prioritize helping and supporting each other. Your colleagues are also passionate and knowledgeable in their field, constantly pushing themselves and each other to be their best.

As an analyst, you'll be able to dive deep into data and uncover hidden insights that can drive business success. Your role is not just about collecting data, but making it come to life by making it easily accessible and understandable for others. You'll be the one enabling others to quickly gain access to crucial information that can inform important decisions.

At Conversionista, we seek analysts with a keen eye for detail and a strong analytical mindset. You must communicate complex ideas clearly and adapt to various environments and clients.

Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of a bachelor's degree in a data analyst relevant field, such as data engineering, data science, machine learning, mathematical finance, statistics, etc.
  • Solid experience with programming and experience with languages like SQL and Python or R.
  • Experience in using various data visualization techniques to present data insights.

Other desired experiences

  • Experience with cloud-based data infrastructure like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Ability to create algorithms and design experiments to organize and analyze data, providing customized reports to colleagues and clients. This work also aims to demonstrate the value of these efforts to others.
  • Experience with web, product, marketing, or app analytics like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.
  • Previous experience with statistical analysis and statistical methodology for experiments.
  • Experience in applying scientific methodology including experiment/study design.

Mark your calendar for August 19, 2024—that's when your onboarding starts. We're excited to welcome you aboard!

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