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Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

Job Description

Role - Machine Learning Engineer

Core Competencies:  

  1. Python 
  2. Computer Vision 
  3. NLP 
  4. NumPy 


About the role - As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will play a crucial role in advancing cutting-edge technology that is reshaping the landscape of the financial industry. You will be at the forefront of innovation, utilizing your expertise to derive insights from both structured and unstructured financial data. 


  • Create, build, and implement state-of-the-art models for various purposes, including information extraction—extracting information from extensive data sets presented in diverse formats (such as tables, text, and charts), whether structured or unstructured. 
  • Work closely with data scientists, data engineers, software engineers and domain experts to establish project parameters, analyze data, and seamlessly incorporate models into production settings. 
  • Execute and document thorough experiments to assess and enhance model effectiveness. 
  • Supervise and uphold deployed models, guaranteeing optimal functionality and addressing any issues with stakeholders proactively. 
  • Remain at the forefront of AI advancements, actively participating in sharing knowledge and fostering innovation within the team.


  • Completion of a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or a related field (OR equivalent practical experience, 2-5 years). 
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the Python programming language. 
  • Previous experience with code-versioning tools, specifically git. 
  • Robust understanding of Machine and Deep Learning principles. 
  • In-depth knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP) fundamentals, covering regular expressions, text pre-processing, tokenization, stemming, lemmatization, and language models. 
  • Practical exposure to fundamental concepts of Computer Vision and basic image processing. 
  • Hands-on experience with various Machine Learning libraries and frameworks, such as Numpy, PyTorch, HuggingFace, OpenCV, scikit-learn, spaCy, NLTK, etc. 
  • Experience with vector databases, LLMs, and frameworks like LangChain. 
  • Experience with building and maintaining APIs using frameworks such as Flask, FastAPI, Django, etc. 
  • Outstanding communication and collaboration skills, including the ability to convey complex technical concepts to both highly technical and non-technical audiences. 
  • Capability to work autonomously, managing multiple projects concurrently with strong organizational skills. 
  • Enthusiasm for learning and an ongoing eagerness to explore new developments in the continuously evolving field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning 


Founded in 2019, 73 Strings is digitalizing alternative investments by providing efficiency and intelligence to how illiquid assets are analyzed, monitored, valued, and transacted, through AI-augmented solutions. These solutions offer intelligent financial analysis and data-monitoring hubs for equity and credit instruments. 73 Strings is the only firm to provide an integrated offering from data collection to valuation to reporting. 

As of today, 73 Strings has developed 3 AI-augmented products that aim to assist experts in their day-to-day operations: 

  • Graviton X (Monitoring): Data collection and monitoring processes for investors. 
  • Qubit X for Equity: Platform aimed towards private equity and M&A valuation. 
  • Qubit X for Debt: End to end valuation system for debt & debt-like assets 


The clients of 73 Strings hail from Europe, the US and the Middle East, and include alternative investment funds (PE, VC, credit funds, etc…), fund administrators and management companies, as well as corporates, banks, advisors, and other finance professionals. Over the last 3 quarters, 73 Strings has added clients with a combined AUM of $2 trillion. 

In June 2023, 73 Strings completed series A funding, demonstrating prime and strategic investors’ confidence in 73 Strings’ innovative technology and market potential. 

The company has offices in Paris, New York, Toronto, London and Bengaluru. 


The current leadership of 73 Strings has extensive professional expertise in the valuation of private assets and understand the importance of informed decision-making when it comes to managing capital: 

  • Yann Magnan, Co-Founder and CEO: Previous experience at E&Y (Valuation Advisory) and Duff & Phelps, most recently as head of EMEA and member of the Global Operating Committee. 
  • Abhishek Pandey, Co-Founder and Deputy CEO: Previous experience at Corporate Finance (Deloitte, Grant Thornton) and Duff & Phelps most recently as Managing Director in India. 
  • Vinod Vijapur, Co-Founder and CTO: Previous experience in banking at HDFC Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and at BoAML, most recently as Head of APAC Regional Applications – Program Management. 
  • Sambeet Parija, Co-Founder and CPO: Previous experience at Duff & Phelps as part of the valuation team in India having led several strategic projects across different sectors. 
  • Jazmin Hogan, North America Lead: Previous experience at Blackstone, Apollo and Kohlberg & Co, most recently as Director of Valuations and Analytics. The team is supported by a global network of advisors formed by highly seasoned veterans with combined 300+ years of financial advisory and private markets experience. 


Website - https://www.73strings.com/ 

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