Data Engineer I

Job description

We're looking for motivated Data Engineers who will work on owning Data Pipelines, Feature Stores, and Inference Pipelines for some of our client projects, especially around building a scalable market intelligence platform that has CXO-level visibility for some of our Gaming customers.


  • Build and manage Data Ingestion, and transformation pipelines designed for high throughput/low latency in Spark/Spark Streaming/Python.
  • Participate in deploying Data & Machine Learning feature pipelines via Airflow.
  • Be impact-oriented and have a sharp focus on iterating on small cycles.
  • Collaborate with Data Scientists, Analysts, and ML Engineers to build.
  • In the longer term, the responsibility of this position will also include working on some POCs on LLMs/Vector stores/RAG pipelines.


  • Very good coding skills in any of the following programming languages - Python/Spark/Go. Has hands-on knowledge of OOPS/SOLID principles.
  • Very good understanding of SQL (joins, optimized queries, etc).
  • Good conceptual understanding of Databases (row-based, column-based, key-value stores, NoSQL Databases).
  • Alternatively, a good understanding of data structures used in row-based vs column-based stores is expected.
  • Exposure to Airflow is a plus.

This job was posted by Soumanta Das from Yugen.ai.

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