Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

Company Overview

Terray is a biotechnology company with the technology, data, and mindset to radically change the way we discover and develop small molecule therapeutics. We explore molecules and targets broadly and deeply with a sophisticated integration of ultra-high throughput experimentation, generative AI, biology, medicinal chemistry, automation, and nanotechnology. Everything the company does is grounded in an iterative approach, producing massive amounts of precise, purpose-built data mapping interactions between small molecules and causes of disease that gets increasingly valuable with each cycle of design and experimentation. The company’s platform uniquely blends experimentation and computation to improve the cost, speed, and success rate of small molecule drug discovery and development.

Position Summary

Terray is currently seeking a motivated, creative, and experienced machine learning engineer. As an integral member of our Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) team, the candidate will be responsible for developing and deploying state-of-the-art machine learning models trained on up to billions of small molecule affinity/activity data points in order to accelerate drug discovery efforts internally and for our partners. Researchers in this position have a unique opportunity to test models with very high certainty, and build precise models facilitated by a scale of data unavailable elsewhere.

The Core Responsibilities Of This Position Are

  • Train, polish and extend our suite of 2D and 3D conditioned drug generative models in our proprietary PyTorch codebase (JAX permitted)
  • Test embeddings of protein environments, and further improve clinical likelihood enrichment
  • Iterate training and assessment of novel property models for new targets as our data process provides new information
  • Feed the training pipeline on our NVidia DGX Cloud distributed training resources
  • Deploy models as components to our existing inference and design tools
  • Communicate and Coordinate your experiments with the rest of the Machine Learning Team

Experience and Qualifications

Part of Terray’s success is nurtured by a hands-on work environment where everyone is accountable, vested in a vision of excellence, and actively taking part in the success of the business. Terray supports a positive work environment where employees can feel engaged, recognized and empowered to be creative.

Required Qualifications

  • Fluent in PyTorch and/or JAX
  • Experience authoring high performance modules for expressive encoders/decoders and/or generators of structured data manifolds
  • Comfortable manipulating data and models in a heterogeneous, multi-cloud, decentralized infrastructure (sql, no-sql, docker, redis, aws, dgx)
  • Experience with distributed model training
  • Familiarity with molecular data manifolds is a plus
  • Willingness to demonstrate mastery of ML in a short (< 6 hr) at-home exercise, or with a preponderance of visible work

    Compensation Details

    $132,000 - $198,000 (annually) depending on seniority; participation in the Company's option plan; 3% 401K contribution; full benefits

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