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Job description

Are you an experienced data scientist, machine learning engineer, or DevOps engineer with excellent programming skills, strong problem-solving abilities, a leadership track record, and a passion for developing tech solutions using cutting-edge technologies? Have you spent your career building game-changing software/hardware? Most importantly, are you looking to build a disruptive tech venture in the vibrant ecosystem of Toronto? If so, we would like to hear from you!

🚀 About Antler

At Antler, we lower the barriers to entrepreneurship by giving you the necessary support to find the right co-founder, test and validate your idea, and by providing funding from day zero so that you can build truly global companies. We are a global early-stage venture capital firm that invests in the defining companies of tomorrow to fundamentally improve the world with groundbreaking technology. Our residency brings together experienced and driven professionals from diverse backgrounds to build strong teams and launch their own companies. We are present in 27 locations worldwide, have received over 75.000 applications, supported 6.000+ founders through our programs, invested in 850+ startups, with the goal of backing more than 6.000 by 2030.

💡 About you

For our upcoming program on September 30th, 2024, we are looking for Data Scientists and ML/AI engineers who want to build the next disruptive tech venture from scratch! Data Scientists and ML/AI engineers joining our program play an instrumental role as Co-founders, mainly being responsible for the tech/product side of the business, which requires that you:

  • Identify as someone with deep expertise in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence or product development
  • Have strong analytical skills with hands-on experience in conducting technological analyses and applying advanced analytics & Machine Learning methodologies
  • Can execute on data collection plans from both structured and unstructured sources that help in data exploration, hypothesis testing and statistical modeling
  • Can design, develop, and implement models, proof-of-concepts and pre-product prototypes
  • Have experience leading a team and maintaining an organized oversight of specific product delivery schedules
  • Might have an idea (optional) that will solve a problem that you’re passionate about, but you do not want to do it on your own
  • You understand that you need co-pilots who share your vision and values

📝 Program details

Start date: September 30th, 2024

Duration: 10 weeks

Location: Toronto

Requirements: you will need to be a Canadian citizen or PR card holder in order to qualify

Structure: the in-person program is structured in two phases and runs full-time:

  • Phase 1 runs for ~2.5 months and is focused on venture development and testing a startup hypothesis. Here we surround you with everything you need to build at lightning speed: a community of diverse founders so that you can find the right co-founder, coaching from our team of proven founders and advisors, perks from hundreds of partners and a global network. At the end of this phase, your team will pitch to our Investment Committee. Successful teams will receive pre-seed funding from Antler and move to Phase 2
  • During Phase 2, which runs for ~3.5 months, you will receive personalised coaching from our partners and global network of advisors to help you scale and hire your core team. It culminates with Demo Day, where you will get the opportunity to pitch to local and international investors
  • You enter Phase 3 once you have left stealth mode and your startup is live. Antler becomes a long term partner for your startup and our global network continues supporting you while scaling and growing your startup. We provide capital up to Series C with our Global Access Fund. You also become part of a strong global network of founders who exchange best practices and learn from each other.

What you get:

  • Pool of potential co-founders
  • Access to a global network of startup advisors and experts in their fields
  • Antler provides founders with a CAD$3,000 stipend during the 10-week Residency.
  • The opportunity to pitch at Antler Canada's Investment Committee, that will invest at the following terms: CAD$150,000 pre-seed investment for a fully diluted 10% equity stake. If you don't get an investment from Antler, we do not charge any fee nor take any equity.

💎Antler Highlights

Here you can find some examples of successful companies that were built during the Antler Residency, received pre-seed investment from Antler, and have gone on to raise substantial investment afterwards:

  • Airalo - The world’s first eSIM subscription and top-up store
  • Xailient - World’s fastest Computer Vision AI
  • homebase - Making home ownership accessible
  • reebelo - circular economy for e-devices
  • Vamstar - Data science powered B2B healthcare marketplace platform.

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