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Data Scientist (NLP Specialist)

Job description

SIX Financial Information is a leading player in the financial data sector, committed to leveraging innovative technologies to extract valuable insights from vast datasets. We are currently seeking a skilled and motivated Data Scientist to join our dynamic team, focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP). In this role, you will focus on creating advanced NLP solutions for document processing , in particular on Named Entity Extraction (NER). Additionally you will be developing Generative AI applications like chatbots and Q&A systems primarily hosted on cloud-based solutions.



What You Will Do 

  • design and implement NLP algorithms to extract meaningful information from unstructured financial text data
  • utilize GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Document AI to process and analyze various financial documents, enhancing data extraction accuracy
  • develop and optimize Spark-based data processing workflows for large-scale financial datasets
  • stay abreast of the latest advancements in AI and apply innovative solutions to address complex financial data challenges
  • collaborate with data engineers, analysts, and business stakeholders to understand data requirements and deliver impactful solutions



What You Bring

  • proficiency in Python programming language and experience with NLP libraries (e.g., NLTK, SpaCy, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Langsmith, Newspaper3k)
  • proven experience in NLP, a focus on financial text data is a plus
  • hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform: Document AI, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL and Workflows are the currently used tools
  • generative AI Architecture and technical capabilities: Prompt engineering, RAG/embeddings, fine-tuning, agents, etc will be highly valued
  • experience in agile software development, version control (git), CI/CD, and containers (Docker, Kubernetes) will be valued
  • high verbal and written english to interact with our international colleagues

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