Data Engineer

Job description

  • Develop and deploy production-grade services, and data infrastructure emphasizing performance, scalability, and self-service.
  • Assume a leadership role in developing solutions with experience in continuous delivery, immutable deployments, containerization, and micro-service architectural patterns.
  • Are biased to action and not easily blocked by problems and difficulties, instead taking ownership
  • Believe in monitoring, QA, and security as a first-class citizen in any data product.
  • Excited to build data platforms and tools that abstract implementation details for developers, analysts, and data scientists, enabling data transit.
  • Dedicated to automation, documentation, and collaboration at all stages of the engineering workflow.
  • Passionate about mentoring colleagues and educating the organization on data engineering best practices.
  • Maintain a firm understanding of the business long term goals and strategy to inform system implementation - able to see the forest through the trees.

Skill Set Required:

  • Experience in productionizing various big data technologies both open source and cloud native, AWS preferred (Kafka, Airflow, Dremio etc).
  • Expertise in data model design with sensitivity to usage patterns and goals - schema, scalability, immutability, idempotency, etc.
  • Expertise in of at least two of the following languages - Python, Go, Scala, Java
  • Experience in handling Large Scale Time Series data
  • Experience in GraphQL, Apollo and Hasura.
  • Track record of choosing the right transit, storage, and analytical technology to simplify and optimize user experience.
  • Real-world experience developing highly scalable solutions using micro-service architecture designed to democratize data to everyone in the organization.
  • Put your passion of CICD to work and enjoy the impact it has to software quality and customers!
  • Live and love Docker, EKS, GitLab, Terraform
  • Build terraform scripts and other deployment and configuration automation
  • Live, laugh, and love some flavor of Agile. With a side of Scrum.
  • Work closely with other teams and individuals to plan, coordinate, and seek feedback.
  • Pitch in where needed as a valued team member. There is no i in team…but 2 in idiot.
  • Docker, K8, Cloud, microservices, containerization, web services, DB/SQL, etc. etc. (You get it).
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills. Let's face it, you are one of the smartest people you know.
  • Experienced with modern coding, testing, debugging and automation techniques.
  • Rave about the benefits of CI/CD, unless manual deployments really are your thing.
  • Have a high bar for user experience and quality.
  • You are data driven and customer obsessed.
  • Good communication skills.

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