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Data Analyst
  • Python
  • SQL
  • SAS
  • Data Analysis
  • Excel
  • SPSS
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Austin, TX 78751
124 days ago

The Data Analyst will be part of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Office of Data and Systems Improvement (DSI).The position will act as an analyst in the Contract Performance Division. DSI works to build a preeminent system for protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation by partnering with DFPS leadership to continuously and proactively improve the agency’s processes, practices, and functioning to ensure optimal outcomes for the people the agency serves.

The DSI Team works with leadership to strategically use data to identify what parts of the system are working well and areas to target for improvement. The Team then works with the multiple divisions to explore the different aspects of a system (the people, policy, and processes) to find out why particular areas are performing well or need improvement. Working with leadership and, when appropriate, external stakeholders, the Team brainstorms what to do, helps implement plans, and tracks and reports on progress.

Essential Job Functions:
We’re looking for someone who wants to dedicate their talents and abilities to serving and protecting the most vulnerable Texans. Someone who is excited to be a part of an established team of highly skilled, capable, and motivated individuals. We want someone who is intellectually curious, wanting to understand not just what is happening but why, and who’s not afraid to think outside the box for innovative and new ways of doing things. We need someone who can engage a variety of people across the agency, building strong relationships and support for the work of our division. The specific job functions include:

  • Evaluate and conduct in-depth analyses of statewide systems and initiatives to proactively identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement.

  • When areas needing improvement are identified, support state office leadership in understanding root causes, crafting actionable plans and solutions, making needed adjustments and reporting on progress.

  • Create and provide strategic guidance on processes, tools and reports to assess quality casework, improve decision making and ensure client safety, including the use of predictive analytics to target high risk populations.

  • Organize and lead work groups, including internal and external stakeholders, and facilitate a collaborative approach to designing and implementing process, organizational, policy, training and other changes.

  • Explain data and analysis in a way that is understandable to those with limited data knowledge or experience.

  • Knowledge Skills Abilities:
  • Ability to creatively problem solve, including accessing needed resources from multiple areas and sources and helping management think outside the box in developing solutions

  • Understanding of and demonstrated skill in project management - specifically being able to keep plans on track

  • An attitude of customer service with demonstrated experience in team-building and collaboration - helping management stay focused on outcomes to be achieved but being flexible and deferring to management with respect to how to best accomplish objectives

  • Knowledge of the child welfare system generally - the purpose of child welfare, how the system works along with governing policy and laws

  • Communication skills - the ability to communicate information orally and in writing in a way that is understandable for multiple different audiences, including taking complicated information and making it understandable

  • An ability to work with staff at all different levels

  • Data analysis skills - ability to understand and conduct basic data analysis

  • An understanding of and ability to apply process and systems improvement principles

  • Registration or Licensure Requirements:

    Initial Selection Criteria:
    Initial Screening Criteria: Bachelor’s degree

    Ability to travel (up to 25%)

    Experience communicating with individuals of differing levels of experience, knowledge and authority.

    Experience in data analysis and use of Excel at a minimum.

    Experience with SQL and/or an analytics tool such as SAS, STATA, SPSS, R or python preferred.

    Additional Information:
    MOS Code:
    SB 389 Compliance: HHS Military Crosswalk (XLS).

    HHS agencies use E-Verify. You must bring your I-9 documentation with you on your first day of work.

    I-9 Form - Click here to download the I-9 form.

    In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), HHS agencies will provide reasonable accommodation during the hiring and selection process for qualified individuals with a disability. If you need assistance completing the on-line application, contact the HHS Employee Service Center at 1-888-894-4747. If you are contacted for an interview and need accommodation to participate in the interview process, please notify the person scheduling the interview.

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