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Data Scientist, Quantitative Strategy

Job description

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) aims to transform the delivery of Government digital services by taking an outside-in view, putting citizens and businesses at the heart of everything we do. We also develop the Smart Nation infrastructure and applications, and facilitate collaboration with citizens and businesses to co-develop technologies.

Join us as we support Singapore’s vision of building a Smart Nation - a nation of possibilities empowered through info-communications technology and related engineering.

Team Introduction:

The Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Division (DSAID) works with public sector agencies in using data science and AI to improve policy outcomes, service delivery and operational efficiency. We extract data-driven insights and build intelligent platforms to add value to the work of our partner agencies.  We also help public sector agencies transform by partnering them in building data science expertise, formulating data strategies and setting up the necessary data infrastructure.

How do we work:

Outcome Driven - Our projects are not academic exercises. We are driven by the “so what” and make sure that our findings and models can be translated into tangible impact.

Start Small and Move Fast - We build things quickly. If it works, good — how can we scale this up further? If not, what went wrong and what can we do better next time?

Ownership - You are not just here to write code, but also to figure out what we should be building and how we should build it.

Continuous Learning - Working on new ideas often means not fully understanding what you are working on. Taking time to learn new architectures, frameworks, technologies, and even languages are not just encouraged but essential.

We are in this Together - We draw from the deep domain knowledge of our partners and best practices from our community of experts.

Read more about us from the team's blog https: //

Job Overview

We are seeking a Data Scientist to join our Quantitative Strategy team, to work on data projects for the public good.

As a Data Scientist, you will be identifying opportunities for data exploitation through in depth conversations with business stakeholders. You will scope out data science projects with clear deliverables that are actionable and impactful, and execute them in close iteration with the stakeholders.

This role requires an individual with strong data analysis, problem solving, and communication skills, who can engage stakeholders on their business use cases, identify appropriate data science techniques in each case, and deliver sound solutions that seek to influence actionable outcomes.

What you will be working on:

  1. Facilitate discussions with stakeholders to understand their business challenges, sharpen the business use cases and translate them into data science projects.
  2. Perform data cleaning, pre-processing, feature engineering, and build data science models to address the use case.
  3. Present findings, solicit feedback and prioritise refinements to the analysis in close iteration with stakeholders while managing overall project timeline.
  4. Communicate the data insights in a clear and compelling narrative, supported with impactful visuals, to influence key decision makers.
  5. Depending on the use case, design of dashboards and interactive visualisations as tools for data exploration and storytelling may be expected.
  6. Opportunities to be deployed to another government agency as the core data science team for a sustained period of 2-3 years, to build up data science capabilities at the agency. This will involve formulating and implementing strategies to build strong pipeline of impactful projects at the agency and executing these projects.

What we are looking for:

  1. A Bachelor's Degree or higher in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, Quantitative Social Science, or related disciplines. We will also factor in relevant certifications (e.g., Coursera).
  2. At least 2 years of relevant experience, in data science and/or public sector.
  3. Capable of translating business use cases into analytical problems, and identifying appropriate data sources to tackle these problems.
  4. Proficient in writing scripts for data preparation and analysis, using modern analysis tools & programming methodologies.
  5. Proficient cleaning, imputing and correcting anomalies in the collected structured or unstructured data to ensure a high standard of quality in data sets to be used in the analysis work.
  6. Proficient in exploring and analysing datasets, applying probability and statistical methodologies and techniques to discover insights from the data.
  7. Proficient in building machine learning models to identify, recognise patterns and make predictions.
  8. Proficient in design principles and use of visualisations to best convey the intended information.
  9. Capable of developing data visualisation from standalone graphs and charts on to highly customised tools and apps while tightly integrated to the data systems for real time visualisation of information.
  10. Capable of translating results from analysis work into actionable recommendations for stakeholders.
  11. Capable of communicating results from analysis work in a coherent data story for stakeholders.

Preferred requirements:

  1. Experience in model deployment
  2. Experience in stakeholder management
  3. Experience in agile project management
  4. Experience in developing capability in others

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company as we believe that diversity is meaningful to innovation. Our employee benefits are based on a total rewards approach, offering a holistic and market-competitive suite of perks. This includes generous leave benefits to meet your work-life needs. We trust that you will get the job done wherever you are, and whatever works best for you – so work from home or take a break to exercise if you need to*. We also believe it’s important for you to keep honing your craft in the constantly-evolving tech landscape, so we provide and support a plethora of in-house and external learning and development opportunities all year round.

  1. Subject to the nature of your job role that might require you to be onsite during fixed hours

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