Job description

Overview of group:

Technology group drives and supports the development and innovation of various Interiors products from the feasibility study through to a prototype development. Besides product development, the group also leads various methodology development activities within Interiors. The team is continuously engaged in projects on diverse domains like Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical designs, Structures and Fluid simulation, Interaction studies, System Engineering, Materials, Processes, and Automation etc.

Senior Lead Engineer (P3)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Conduct and manage research and development projects focused on PHM and RUL estimation using ML for a variety of different application areas within Interiors.

  • Analyze the function and performance of electro-mechanical systems including failure modes and features contributing them using sensor fusion.

  • Develop models and algorithms to assess the condition and classify the health of electro-mechanical systems

  • Develop status and RUL dashboards using Azure data analytics tools

  • Research and develop advanced algorithms for image/video processing and computer vision, e.g. denoising, deblurring, HDR, detection, segmentation, etc

  • Develop physics-based simulation models using Simulink and Simscape to build digital twin of electro-mechanical systems and simulate faults for PHM.

  • Lead projects from conception to final product, as a sole contributor.

  • Explore the latest technologies and propose innovative ideas.

  • Support or lead development of technology proposals for funding.

  • Prepare and present / publish research results

  • The candidate should be comfortable with empirical lab or field work, as well as with simulation and modeling tools.

Basic Qualifications:

  • 4-6 years of relevant Industry experience in PHM and Machine Learning for supervised and unsupervised learning datasets, signal processing and conditioning, Image Processing/computer vision and Deep Learning, Azure Data analytics

  • Bachelor's/Master's degree in Mechatronics/Electronics or closely related field.

Primary Skills:

  • Minimum 2-3 years of work experience related to development and implementation of PHM using ML techniques.

  • Expertise or experience in object-oriented, analytical programming (e. g., Python, R, Matlab) and simulation tools (Simulink and Simscape)

  • Deep learning for image processing and classification using Neural Networks

  • Experience working on Azure Data Analytics like Data Explorer, Lake Analytics, creating meaningful dashboards

  • Experience working on various diagnostic instrumentation and basics of NI LabView programming

  • Basic knowledge of electro - mechanical components like motor, actuators, electric valves, sensors such that pressure, temperature, voltage, current and data acquisition.

  • Clearly articulate thoughts and ideas to external and internal customers. Responsive to questions; issues; and needs in a timely manner.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Confident presentation skills

  • Manage changing or shifting priorities.

  • Drive for results. Work effectively with cross-functional teams

  • Requires good judgement, planning and organizational skills

  • High work standards; energy; initiative; flexibility; decisiveness; and proven problem-solving skills

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