Sambe Consulting

Data Scientist - Architect

Job description

Responsibilities will include:
 Collaboratively design, specify and implement a full stack healthcare analytics solution underpinned by a project delivery focus
 Connecting with a multitude of stakeholders to understand the data, systems, and analytical architecture in a healthcare context
 Understand healthcare business pipeline and assess where scalable healthcare analytics can enhance the pipeline
o Devise strategy around roll out of healthcare analytics
o Specify software and hardware decision making framework
 Understanding large structured and unstructured datasets to recommend improvement to algorithms and technologies
 Understand meta-data management systems and orchestration architecture in the designing of ML/AI pipelines
 Research and application of the most up to date analytics, machine learning and AI techniques
 Work with a range of stakeholders to ensure to present and apply insights effectively in the environment
 Monitoring model performance
 Improve processes and databases where opportunities arise

Technical skills core:
 Expert in programming languages such as R, Python, Scala
 Experience in interactive data exploration and data-driven story telling
 Understanding and application of Big Data and distributed computing principles (Hadoop and MapReduce)
 Strong analytical and statistical knowledge with an understanding of the latest machine learning algorithms for both structured and unstructured data
 Strong ability to communicate findings and recommendations from data (visual, verbal and written)
 Production environment machine learning and AI
 DevOps/DataOps and CI/CD experience
 Proficient understanding data manipulation skills including SQL to extract, transform and load data

Technical skills additional:
 Azure experienced preferred

Professional Qualifications & Experience
 Honours or Masters degree in either Data Science, Statistics, or Applied Mathematics with some experience in software engineering, computer science or working with big disparate sets of data, OR
 Honours or Masters degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering with solid experience in statistical modelling, data mining and machine learning
 Other analytical qualifications will also be considered if accompanied by the relevant experience
 5 to 15 years of experience is preferred

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