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Machine Learning Engineer - Ads Core
  • Python
  • Linux
  • Machine Learning
  • Modeling
Mountain View, CA
151 days ago


Personalized online advertising is a major revenue source for Internet companies nowadays. It is one of the most attractive fields in Internet industry for top talents who are interested in solving exciting technical challenges, e.g., increasing monetization efficiency, improving ads experience for users, and bringing better return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.We, "Ads Core" team, is a platform team that develops state-of-art ads technologies, including ranking, retrieval, targeting, bidding, auction, etc., for the Ads system that empowers billion-dollar business.Responsibilities:1. Develop algorithms and strategies to rank ads and integrate ads with organic contents. Improve the overall monetization efficiency and user experience for products.2. Solve key challenges in ads retrieval, CTR/CVR modeling, bidding and auction mechanism design, feed ads integration, ads quality, user long-term value modeling, etc.3. Optimize Guaranteed-Delivery (Reach and Frequency) ads product, with inventory estimation, inventory allocation, delivery optimization strategies and models, etc.4. Optimize monetization efficiency for our products.5. Optimize efficiency, quantization and online serving performance for large-scale machine learning models.


1. Solid programming skills. Familiar with basic data structure and algorithms.2. Good logical thinking capability. Have basic knowledge and skills on statistics.3. Familiar with architecture and implementation of at least one mainstream machine learning programming framework. Good theoretical grounding in machine learning concepts and techniques.4. Familiar with Linux development environment, proficient in C++ and Python.5. Experience in ads delivery mechanism design and user experience modeling is a plus.

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