-CPEXT Data Scientist

Location: London NW9

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In general, postholders will be expected to lead on the implementation and management of one or more surveillance systems within the Division. These posts will require project management skills to deliver outputs on time and to agreed standards. The postholders will lead on behalf of the Division on developing and designing datasets, managing the collation and validation of data, and the timely production of outputs (e.g. reports and articles). The postholders will be expected to lead on analyses of datasets, to provide advice and guidance on specialist aspects of the analyses, to interpret and prepare scientific reports and articles of the results and to undertake further research. The postholders will contribute to the teaching activities of the Division.
The primary function of the post will be to coordinate and develop the collation and epidemiological analysis of HCAI & AMR surveillance datasets. Support the running/maintaining and modifying the healthcare-associated COVID-19 dashboard workflow and/or the surveillance of mandatory reported healthcare associated.

The postholder will be expected to cope with multiple and changing demands, and to meet tight deadlines, will be expected to have a high level of intellectual rigour and to advise and make recommendations regarding the development of strategy and implementation of surveillance systems. A high level of tact and diplomacy is required and an ability to understand other cultures to enable effective working across organisational boundaries and influencing without authority.


Surveillance and Prevention Monitoring:

Develop and utilise information and intelligence systems to underpin public health action across disciplines and organisations, and lead collation and interpretation of relevant data to develop the most appropriate analyses from a range of sources;

Have responsibility for the development and productivity of one or more information systems in the HCAI & AMR Division, and spanning Divisions and organisations when necessary, relating to work-areas;

Undertake specialist and complex analyses of quantitative and/or qualitative datasets which will require selection of the best option from a range of possible solutions

Utilise data linkage to enhance and develop complex data sets

Analyse and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data and research evidence from a range of sources to make recommendations and inform decision making which may have long term impacts;

Receive, interpret, provide and advise on highly complex epidemiological and statistical information about the health of populations to the NHS, Department of Health and Social Care and others, and challenge or respond to differing opinions;

Specialist Advice and Evaluation

Influence external agencies in their public health policy decisions by working with complex professional, managerial and population groups and other organisations in the statutory, non-statutory and private sectors;

Communicate effectively and diplomatically research and other specialist information with colleagues from own or other disciplines and present findings at local, national and international meetings and conferences;

Write and/or contribute to national and local policy setting reports, as well as peer-reviewed scientific journals, on the health of the population;

Research and Development

Undertake discrete public health research, research or audit projects and pursue external funding for research and development;

Develop links with academic centres and other centres (e.g. Public Health Observatories) as appropriate to ensure the work of PHE is based on a sound research and evidence base;

Teaching and Training

Assist in teaching and training courses run at Colindale and outside, by producing presentation materials and assist in HCAI & AMR lectures.


  • An environment with flexible working options
  • A culture encouraging inclusion and diversity
If you are external to the Civil Service, you will take up the post on a Fixed Term appointment, if you are an existing Civil Servant, based outside of PHE, you will take up the post as a loan and if you are an existing PHE member of staff, you will take up the post as either a level transfer or a temporary promotion as per PHE’s Pay and Grading policy. If you are an existing Civil Servant, (in PHE or elsewhere) you must have prior agreement from your Line Manager before applying for this post.
We welcome and encourage applications from everyone, including groups currently underrepresented in our workforce and pride ourselves as being an employer of choice.
To find out more about how we champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace, visit: PHE website
On 18 August 2020, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care announced plans to establish the National Institute for Health Protection and consult on the best future options for strengthening health improvement and other public health functions in the wider system. Public Health England and many of its employees will be in scope for transition to new organisations in Spring 2021. Any new or current employees working for Public Health England during this time, will receive appropriate communications and consultation prior to any formal transfer taking place. Employees who compulsorily transfer to successor bodies will remain on their existing contractual terms and conditions and this applies both to current employees and those recruited during the transition. The recruitment, growth & development of our workforce is vital for the continuing success of PHE and the future National Institute for Health Protection.

*** Mention DataYoshi when applying ***