Job description

About Loyalytics:

Loyalytics is a fast-growing Analytics consulting and product organization based out of Bangalore. We work with large retail clients across the globe helping them monetize their data assets through our consulting assignments and product accelerators. We are a young dynamic team of 100+ analytics practitioners working on some of the most cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Who we are:

  • Technical team: A team full of data scientists, data engineers and business analysts who work with 1M+ data points every day.
  • Market Size: Massive multi-billion $ global market opportunity.
  • Leadership: Combined experience of 40+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Customers: Word-of-mouth and referral driven marketing to acquire customers like big retail brands in GCC regions like Lulu, GMG, among others (Strong product-market fit).
  • What makes us stand apart: 8 years old bootstrapped and 100+ people company that is still hiring.

Position Overview

We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist/Consultant with a deep understanding of ecommerce operations to join our team. This role involves analysing data to provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimize our ecommerce platform, improve customer experiences, and drive business growth. The ideal candidate will have a strong analytical background, technical skills, and the ability to translate complex data into actionable strategies for our ecommerce clients.


  • Data Analysis and Modelling:

Collect and analyse large datasets related to ecommerce operations, sales, customer behaviour, and marketing campaigns.

Develop predictive models, algorithms, and statistical analyses to uncover trends, patterns, and insights to enhance decision-making.

Customer Insights:

Perform customer segmentation and profiling to identify target audiences and improve personalization.

  • Analyse customer lifetime value and purchase behaviour to drive recommendations for marketing and product development.

Ecommerce Performance Optimization:

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, cart abandonment, and revenue.

Provide insights and recommendations for improving website user experience, product recommendations, and pricing strategies.

Recommendation Systems:

Develop and refine recommendation algorithms for products, upselling, cross-selling, and content personalization.

Implement A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of recommendation strategies.

Marketing and Campaign Analytics:

Analyse the impact of marketing campaigns, email marketing, and digital advertising on sales and customer engagement.

Provide insights to optimize marketing spend and strategies.

Consultation and Collaboration:

Collaborate with ecommerce clients to understand their specific goals and challenges.

Consult with clients to provide data-driven recommendations and strategies to improve their ecommerce operations.

Reporting and Visualization:

Create clear and visually appealing reports and dashboards to convey data insights to non-technical stakeholders.

Your first 30-60-90 days plan:

30 days

  • Deeply understand the data, processes, client ecosystems, existing solutions and organizational structure
  • Understand the high level OKRs for yourself

60-90 days

  • You’ll be tasked with a key deliverable to be achieved in 6/12 months
  • You’ll establishing ways of working with your team and clients
  • You’ll develop weekly milestones and a roadmap to help you achieve your goals

Requirements· Bachelors or advanced degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, or a related field.

  • 4-5 years of proven experience as a Data Scientist in ecommerce
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools and programming languages such as Python, R, SQL, and data visualization tools.
  • Strong knowledge of machine learning, statistical analysis, and data mining techniques.
  • Experience with ecommerce platforms and related technologies.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to work with complex, unstructured data.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills to convey insights effectively.
  • Strong project management skills and the ability to work independently and collaboratively.


  • Be a part of the dynamic and fun team, making an impact in the retail tech industry with clients like Lulu, Aster, GMG etc.
  • Flexible Work Hours.
  • Wellness & Family Benefits.
  • Access to various learning platforms.

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