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About you

So you’ve built your career by engineering data systems. You like to roll up your sleeves while taking an advisory role with quality and scalability in mind. You are an experienced Data Engineer, supporting everything and everyone around you, while people have a hard time defining what it exactly is that you do. And you are interested in a new challenge.

Our story

BigData Republic is a leading data consultancy firm, specializing in data science, data engineering, and machine learning technology. As a boutique consultancy, we are different from the large consultancy firms out there, which ensures our quality over quantity approach. Our goal is to be a thought leader in the field. For our clients, we focus on creating business value with innovative data solutions that have a sustainable impact.

We are a team of about 30 experienced MLOps- and Data Engineers. Our culture is centered around collaboration and growth, and we are motivated by helping others. We love to share our knowledge but we also like to be challenged by each other.

About us

Our clients find us because they want to accelerate their data journey, need in-depth engineering expertise, or increase their data maturity level. We never replace our client’s employees. Rather, we work alongside them in partnership. Offering our expertise as Data Engineers and MLOps Engineers. We like to code and strategically advise our clients at the same time. No project is the same. Therefore we appreciate attention to detail while never losing the value of simplicity and scalability. If this triggers your interest, please take a look at some of our use cases to see some examples of our work.

About the job

  • We work with a wide range of clients. Their needs vary in scope and complexity.
  • You spend your week working four days on your client project. The remaining day to work on something cool/your initiative with your BigData Republic colleagues. Can you think of something already?
  • Regular knowledge-sharing sessions, about the most pressing challenges in our field and projects.
  • +30 Colleagues with a wide range of expertise and experience. They will gladly discuss use cases and solutions with you.

We match if you [==]

‘==’ love knowledge sharing, on the job or open source.

‘==’ are eager to learn, and like to guide team members at the same time

‘==’ look to add value, make an impact and work on elegant solutions that are scalable and sustainable

‘==’ don’t have an answer to everything but are curious enough to figure it out

‘==’ Your game night could just as easily be a hackathon as a round of exploding kittens or a Midjourney photo contest (check our website, we thought it was fun).

You will dislike this job if you

/don’t like coding

/can’t remember when you last opened GitHub

/prefer over-engineering over pragmatism

/believe GPT4 can replace your work

The way we look at work;

  • Hybrid, yes please.
  • Fitting salary and pension scheme, because this is important.
  • 25 Days of holiday leave.
  • Choose your tech gear; a laptop and phone that work best for you.
  • Your project should be fun but also challenging.
  • We love to see you speak at conferences, visit them, or get certified in tools or environments if you want to. Get that badge!
  • Friday drinks, sports events, or other social stuff with your BigData Republic Team, if you feel like it.
  • We have a soft spot for office dogs. Woof.

What’s next?

If you are curious about the role and feel that you match (some of) the profile elements above, please contact Puck via the link below. She is our Talent Detective, always looking for interesting people to become our new colleagues. Is there anything you would like us to take into account while processing your application? Please let Puck know and she will take this into account.

You may have some questions left or are unsure if you match. Don’t worry too much, and just check in with us. We’re not perfect, we don’t expect you to be either. We would much rather learn how we can complement each other and how we can create synergy than keep waiting for ‘Prince Charming’. Because the perfect match is a fairy tale. We believe you add value the most by simply being you, and we are curious about what that looks like.

Please let the company know that you found this position on this Job Board as a way to support us, so we can keep posting cool jobs.

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