Staff Data Engineer

Job description

The future, as we see it, has millions of devices connected to the internet — everything from citywide bike sharing systems to smarter heart monitors to internet-connected eggs to catch turtle poachers. Hologram is here to connect anything to the internet — via our global cellular platform and network available in over 200 countries and territories. The future is connected, and we are connecting it.

About this role

Hologram is looking for an experienced engineer to build modern, robust data infrastructure to reinvent the phone company from the bottom up, or maybe from the inside out. Someone with pride in their craft, with the drive to learn new approaches to deliver great experiences, the judgment to know the next big thing from the fads, and the patience to teach the rest of the team.

What you'll do

Technical work
  • Building infrastructure so that every team at Hologram has high-availability access to the data they need
  • Creating and maintaining transparent, bulletproof ETL (extract, transform, and load) pipelines
  • Creating proactive monitoring so we learn about data breakages or inconsistencies right away
  • Maintaining internal documentation and training so that every team at Hologram knows how to find the data they need
  • Improve existing data models, and design new ones, to meet the needs of data consumers across Hologram
Teaching and leadership
  • Mentors and teaches junior engineers.
  • May work solo or by leading the efforts of a team, on a project-by-project basis.
  • Runs effective retrospectives on bugs and outages
  • Works to make their area of work more accessible to new hires and to Hologrammers new to that part of the code through:
    • Documentation
    • Onboarding materials
    • Clearly written tests
    • Knowledge sharing talks, brown-bags, etc.
Helpful skills and experience
  • Experience writing robust, version-controlled ETL code for mission-critical functions
  • Expert SQL knowledge
  • Experience working with different data stores and knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Careful and thoughtful
  • Strong project management skills; demonstrated ability to get things done
  • Empathy for data users. Ability to extract meaningful requirements from non-experts
  • Great communicator, especially in writing (and diagrams)

What should excite you about Hologram

  • A different kind of technical challenge. More than just another app, Hologram delivers internet to physical devices on the move all over the world.
  • We’re committed to writing software the right way, using best practices to write high quality code and giving engineers the space and autonomy to do excellent work.
  • Transparency all across the company, including salaries, the cap table, and how many dollars are in the bank.
  • Hologram engineers work up and down the stack, and are actively encouraged to cross-train in new areas of computer science they haven’t worked with before.
  • We collaborate across departments, working directly with designers and product managers to decide what to build and how it will work.

About the Engineering team

The Hologram Engineering team is opinionated about building secure, stable, scalable hardware and software products to delight users. We collaborate closely with other teams at Hologram, working together early and often to maximize shared context. We believe in delegating decision making as far down the org chart as we can, and cross-training so that teams can own pieces of the product end-to-end and minimize handoffs. We believe that slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. We focus on creating space for excellence through deep work and minimizing interruptions, and we deliberately cultivate the business savvy to get technical priorities recognized. We know that in knowledge work you get the best outcomes by focusing on learning, and we model our team on a teaching hospital.

How we work at Hologram

Hologram is a fun, fast-paced, and remote-first team united by our core values of ownership, transparency, and mindfulness. We trust you to do what’s best for our product, customers, and team members and empower you to make the right calls without heavy bureaucracy.
As part of our team, you'll receive:
  • Competitive, transparent pay and equity. The salary range for this role is $119,000-$209,000 for an average cost of living city. (For candidates in the highest cost-of-living cities like San Francisco and New York, compensation rises to better meet your costs.)
  • Unlimited paid time off and flexible scheduling
  • 100% coverage of your medical, dental, vision, life, and disability benefits (and 80% for your family members!)
  • 14 weeks of family leave
  • Unlimited books, e-books, and audiobooks for continuous learning
  • Generous home office setup stipend
We pride ourselves on celebrating everyone — Hologram is an equal opportunity employer actively working on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment where underrepresented groups can thrive.
Together we’re building something great: a way to help everyone – and everything – stay online and connected.

What to expect in the interview process:

  • An initial behavioral phone screen with some of our senior engineers
  • A 2-4 hour take-home exercise (or share us on comparable open-source contributions)
  • A virtual onsite with Zoom sessions with:
    • An in-depth review of your take-home (or open-source) submission with our data team
    • A pull request review exercise with our data team
    • Interviews about collaborating across departments with our Product and Customer Success groups
    • A high-level discussion with our CTO
All technical exercises are adapted from our previous production work. No brainteasers or whiteboards, ever.

Ready to apply?

If you share our values and our passion for connecting the world, we’d love to review your application! For any needed accommodations during the hiring process, please email recruiting@hologram.io.
Even if you don’t meet 100% of the above qualifications, please still seriously consider applying. Studies show that you can still be considered for a role if you meet just 50% of the role’s requirements.

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