Job description

  • 3-5 years.
  • The kind of experience is important Data engineer experience working with the business, experience with video games or something similar, working with a lot of streaming data. Can have that kind of experience that can transfer to this space.
Degrees or certifications required - Software engineering or equivalent.

  • Industry mismatch.
  • Data experience that is not relevant.
  • Just using buzz words and not able to demonstrate how they can apply the skills or how they are involved in the experience they are mentioning, need concreate examples.
Best vs. Average - Quality of work as related to the usability by our analysis and user.

Top 3 Skills
  • Sequel and data manipulation scripting | 3 5 Years of Experience
  • Data modeling | 3 5 Years of Experience
  • Big data pipelines | 5 Years of Experience
  • Cloud experience| 3 5 Years of Experience

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