Senior Data Scientist

Location: 1434 København

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This role is an opportunity to bring preventive and personalized healthcare to cardiac patients all over the world. You will build tools that will greatly impact the work practice of cardiac clinicians and help them navigate a world where data is becoming more overwhelming.

Who are you?

You want to work on a product that matters in a driven team that aims to improve the quality of life for our users (heart patients).

As a person you are:

  • Comfortable with self-directed learning and motivated to explore new technologies.
  • Someone who likes teaching others.
  • Someone who loves building v1 - exploring a new concept from start to finish and building it from the ground up. You welcome user feedback and use that information to iterate on the tool.

On the tech side, we're interested in your experience with:

  • Python and the modules commonly used for Data Science work.
  • CI and CD pipelines. We use Jenkins.
  • Deploying and monitoring machine learning models.
  • Reading and implementing/reproducing scientific papers. This is where we get a lot of our ideas.
  • Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JaveScript (ideally D3.js). We use this for prototyping.

Who are we

We all share the passion for building the best next generation of healthcare solutions. We are a team of software engineers, physicists, anthropologists, sociologists, and more. Our work is ambitious. Our software product enables remote care for heart patients with implanted pacemakers. We enhance the lives of patients while making clinicians more efficient at the same time.

As part of the data science team you can expect to:

  • Clean data, build statistical models, and find the correct set of metrics that align our works with the needs of our patient and clinician users.
  • Define and take the technical lead on medium to large projects that cut across the company.
  • Work on predicting severe cardiac arrhythmia, characterize electrocardiograms, and generally detect disease worsening in our patient users.

Why work with us

We make a real difference

It's hard for hospitals to strike the right balance between cutting costs and delivering better care for patients. With our software platform, we do just that using AI-driven clinical decision support along with more classic work-process optimisation and smart visualizations of medical data.

We’re passionate about our journey and each other

We’re here to make an impact and have the best time together while doing it. We firmly believe that we should all understand the purpose of what we do. So no one will just hand things off to another team and forget about it.

We’re solving hard problems

Doing health tech right is difficult for a number of reasons. Some are technology-related: stability, security, transparency, and reproducibility, which are a different beast than the typical throughput and scaling. Standards and protocols for health tech are still evolving and often misappropriated, and therefore require creative solutions. It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future. We're building tools to predict severe arrhythmias and find signs of disease worsening.

Other reasons are more practical: different hospitals and clinics simply have different workflows and this impacts the way we design software to support those individualities. Finally, there are the legal and ethical considerations: how do we handle GDPR, security, auditing and logging, national and international laws, etc.

About Vital Beats

Vital Beats is an interdisciplinary digital health company in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We make a data-driven software platform for remote care of heart patients with implanted devices. We practice participatory design combined with nordic design aesthetics. This means we continuously involve clinicians, health professionals, patients and relatives in the design process. We're proud that Danish hospitals use our platform daily, but we still have much more we want to achieve.

We’re all here to make an impact and have the best time together while doing it. It's important that we all understand the purpose of what we do and why we want to enable better healthcare for all. We want high quality in our work, but also care for each other, so we won't just hand things off to another team and forget all about it.

Our work is ambitious. It's hard for hospitals to strike the right balance between cutting costs and the need to deliver better care for patients. We do exactly that with our AI-driven clinical decision-support coupled with work-process optimisation and meaningful visualizations of the medical data.

If you see yourself in this role or are you curious to learn more, check us out at the Hub or click below to apply.

*** Mention DataYoshi when applying ***

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