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Data Scientist / Plano, TX / Mobile / AM757769

Job description

Data Scientist -

  • You are highly enthusiastic in uncovering actionable insights from data and conveying these insights to business as stories that stick.
  • You are a strong analytical person who loves solving business problems using massive data sets.
  • You interface with leadership and team members to get clarity on your requirements, end goals and deliverables.
  • You are detail oriented but never loses sight of deadlines.
  • You always have an eye on the products you deployed and never assumes that everything is ok.
  • You are comfortable following the procedures and coding standards set by the organization
  • You have MS or PhD in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, or Economics (required).
  • You have 2-6 years of experience in sales or marketing functions for consumer products, retail, tech, telecom, or financial industries.
  • You have 2-4 years of experience in Big Data environment specifically Hive/Spark where you have deployed reliable models that scale smoothly on high-volume (1TB+) & high-dimensionality (500+ variables per schema) data.
  • You have worked with massive structured/unstructured data sets before and have a strong grip on machine learning techniques especially able to debug an algorithm with ease.
  • Given a data problem you know the right data science technique to be applied (such as GLM Regression (linear, logit, multinomial), kMeans/Hierarchical Clustering, Principle Component Analysis, & Decision Tree (RF, GBM, XGboost, Neural Networks, Bayesian Statistics, Times Series, & A Priori, etc.).
  • You are a solid coder who uses either SQL & (Python/Spark/R) to deploy machine learning products into production.

Must have Soft Skills –
  • Proactive and sometimes Reactive
o Think and Jump right in attitude
o Need to be an independent contributor simultaneously valuing feedback from team members

  • Work Style –
o Be analytical and solve problems without losing sight of end goals
o Detail oriented but never lose sight of deadlines

  • Procedure Oriented
o Clearly understand and agree on the standards set by the leadership and how they will be evaluated
o Maintain standards most of the time however should voice new procedures and systems

  • Interpersonal skills-
o Need to be able to empathize with team and be able to control his/her internal state to handle the work load during ambitious targets.
o Given ambitious deadlines be proactive and extract clarity on requirements, deliverables and tasks from PM and leadership

  • Quality Control –
o Constantly check on models and not assume that things are ok.

Core Responsibilities
  • Follow agile development principles to develop and deploy cutting edge Data Products and POCs using massive sets of structured and un-structured data.
  • Ensure the data product is deployed with through testing and is of highest quality
  • Communicate the results to other members of team in a clear and intuitive manner
  • Interface with leadership and team members regularly to brain storm ideas, communicate progress and risks.
  • Use JIRA and Confluence as tools for Agile Project planning
  • Communicate the progress and results in clear, concise and timely manner with other stake holders
Data - Responsibilities
  • Always looking out for data resources that enhance the model performance
  • Clearly communicate with PMs about acquisition of the data sources
  • Work with team members to develop and design solutions for data products
  • Write code to clean, munge, analyze, EDA, visualize terabytes of data
  • Proficient in EDA and visualizations
  • Proficient in building, testing and deploying scalable and reliable machine learning models
  • Debug the machine learning models with ease
  • Understand the upstream and downstream interface requirements and design the solutions accordingly
  • Get proficient in the in-house Data Science tools
  • Always looking for avenues for automation in data pipelines wherever applicable
  • Get comfortable in following Data Science team sprint planning procedures
  • Clearly communicate with DE about deployment requirements
  • Work with DE to get the data in Data Lake in required format.

Compliance - Responsibilities
  • Ensure completeness of the product
  • Make sure that the product is of highest quality
  • Adept in documenting the Modeling work. Ensure that the documentation is complete and reviewed by Sr. Data Scientists.
  • Ensure code meets team standards
  • JIRA for agile development

Should have Knowledge and Experience
  • Experience in Telecom/retail/e-commerce/consumer packaged goods (CPG), Mobile or Consumer electronics industries
  • Agile Principles/Scrum/Kanban
  • Solid understanding of Hadoop (Hive and Impala) & Spark (PySpark/Scala)
  • Proficient in (Python/Scala/R/Java ) & SQL
  • Expert in developing and debugging Machine Learning products
  • Proficient in Data Visualizations

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