Data Scientist

Job description

We are currently seeking a Data Scientist to work closely with our lead Data Scientist on the Business Intelligence team. You will play a pivotal role in augmenting product functionality by processing and categorizing user inputted text.


  • Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field
  • 3+ years of Python experience, including pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn
  • 2+ years of Natural Language Processing (NLP), specifically various text preprocessing, embedding, and feature engineering techniques
  • Knowledge of pre-trained language models
  • Experience with classification model (SVM, Random Forest) and/or clustering models (hierarchical clustering, k-means, KNN)
  • Experience data mining public data to enrich training set through APIs / web scrapers
  • Experience collaborating on analytics, data science, machine learning, or NLP projects
  • Experience working with large datasets
  • Experience contributing to predictive models deployed into production


  • Preprocess and clean noisy user-inputted, unstructured text
  • Apply pre-trained language models or train new models for text embedding
  • Assess quality of labeled training set to establish ground truth
  • Train classification models for predicting predefined categories
  • Create new subcategories where needed using clustering or similarity matching methods
  • Assess quality of model classification and make iterative improvements throughout the entire modeling pipeline

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