Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

Position: Machine Learning Engineer [Multiple positions available]

Salary: $173,030 per year

Worksite address: 2700 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Job Duties: Apply software engineering skills and knowledge of machine learning frameworks and tools to a specialized focus on enabling computers to automatically derive algorithms from data. Design and develop software solutions to enable and expand the company’s capabilities in the Edge computing domain. Push the technology boundaries, by identifying and adopting cutting edge technologies, thus influencing the overall technology roadmap for the company in the pursuit of applying intelligence to many aspects of its business. The position involves using the model compilers (ex: Apache TVM), frameworks TensorFlow, Scikit-learn and frameworks from AWS, Azure and GCP to employ edge processing, including Computer Vision at the edge (logic running on low-cost, resource-constrained compute devices) to support digitizing operations. Bring in the best practices around model management and inferencing and work with the TVM family of tools and AWS offerings.

Job Requirements :

Must have Bachelor’s Degree, or foreign educational equivalent, in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a closely related field. Must have 1 year of experience as a Software Engineer, Software Developer, or a related role. The one year of experience must include experience in software engineering; coding experience in Python; machine learning frameworks including TensorFlow and PyTorch; Machine Learning Solution Suite from major cloud providers; Machine Learning models including parameter tuning and feature engineering; deployment frameworks including Docker.

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