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Data Engineer - to be based in Scotland.

(6 month FTC)

At Blis, Data Engineers are a combination of software and data engineers. They actively write production code, typically in Python, and have deep practical experience with data ingestion/scrapping, cleansing, and validation, classification and partitioning. As data engineers, they seek to ensure the robustness and correctness of all data processing, its inputs & outputs in line with specifications. We expect our engineers to be proficient at building automated pipelines that can scale and provide appropriate control signals for efficiency ops. Their understanding of the business also helps us to innovate, by discovering new opportunities or better ways of operating, where the traditional approaches are limited. Across the team, everyone supports each other through mentoring, brainstorming, and pairing up. They have a passion for delivering products that delight and astound our customers and that have a long-lasting impact on the business. They do this while also optimising themselves and the team for long-lasting agility, which is often synonymous with practising Good Engineering. They are almost always adherents of Lean Development and work well in environments with significant amounts of freedom and ambitious goals.

We are looking for a data engineer to work for us to cover a maternity leave position. You will be responsible for problems such as identifying and predicting how people move in the real world, determining efficient goal-based bidding strategies, filtering out unreliable or fraudulent data from streaming location signals, and classifying likely shoppers, amongst many other opportunities. This is a growing team with big responsibilities and exciting challenges ahead of it.

At Blis we work on hard problems with massive data sets. We receive over 350gb of data an hour and respond to 400,000 decision requests each second, with petabytes of analytical data to work with. We tackle challenges across almost every major discipline of data science, including classification, clustering, optimisation, and data mining.

The Role:

  • Design, build, monitor, and support large scale data processing pipelines across our entire data landscape.
  • Support, mentor, and pair with other members of the team to advance our team’s capabilities and capacity
  • Help Blis explore and exploit new and innovative opportunities for commercial and technical growth
  • Work closely with Product and be comfortable with taking, making and delivering against fast paced decisions to delight our customers. This ideal candidate will be comfortable with fast feature delivery with a robust engineered follow up.


  • We're ideally looking for 4+ years direct experience solving complex, large-scale data processing challenges, that can be readily packaged and deployed to support production level loads and to support operational efficiencies in cost and support effort.
  • Production level engineering around GIS and geospatial data processing.
  • Python for data and computational tasks with fluency in data science techniques.
  • Hands-on implementation and architectural familiarity with all forms of data sourcing i.e streaming data, relational and non-relational databases, and distributed processing technologies (e.g. Spark)
  • Fluency with all appropriate python libraries typical of data science e.g. pandas, pyspark numpy, MLlib and/or other statistical libraries


  • Advanced knowledge of cloud based services specifically GCP
  • Excellent working understanding of server-side Linux
  • Professional in managing and updating on tasks ensuring appropriate levels of documentation, testing and assurance around their solutions.
  • Experience optimising both code and config in Spark, Hive, or similar tools
  • Practical experience working with relational databases, including advanced operations such as partitioning and indexing
  • Knowledge and experience with tools Google BigQuery to solve data-centric problems
  • Understanding and ability to innovate, apply, and optimise complex algorithms and statistical techniques to large data structures
  • Experience with Python Notebooks, such as Jupyter, Zeppelin, or Google Datalab to analyse, prototype, and visualise data and algorithmic output
  • Knowledge of working with Graph data set and databases specifically in the realms of deep learning.

About us

Blis is the leading privacy-first, location-powered programmatic advertising partner. We deliver accurate targeting at scale without reliance on personal data, helping the world’s largest brands and media agencies drive key business outcomes through personalised and high-performing digital advertising.

Blis uses real-world and online data, as well as behaviour and lifestyle indicators, to profile and understand audiences better than anyone else. Using our 370m opted-in global planning and measurement panel and taking an aggregated and anonymous approach to audience targeting, Blis reaches precise audiences at scale without reliance on personal data.

Established in the UK in 2004, Blis now operates in more than 40 offices across five continents. Working with the world’s largest and most customer-driven companies across all verticals including Unilever, Samsung, McDonald's, HSBC, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot, as well as every major media agency, we deliver ads to 1/5th of the world’s population.

At Blis our vision is to be the undisputed leader in location-powered advertising and analytics. We believe that values create behaviours and behaviours create a culture. Our company values are a huge part of our DNA. We are fully committed to creating a powerful culture of inclusivity and belonging that embraces diversity, encourages people to bring their authentic selves to work, educates everyone at Blis about matters of equality and engages with the wider industry community to drive social change.

As an equal opportunity employer, we treat all our employees and job applicants fairly and equally. We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination and take all reasonable steps to create a work environment in which all employees are treated with respect and dignity. We don't condone or tolerate any form of harassment, by employees or by others who do business with us.

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