Startup Founder (Munich, January 2024) - Data Scie...

Job description

Please note that the job location is 100% on-site in Munich. We listed it in Vienna to also welcome the brightest minds from here!

Are you a data scientist, machine learning engineer, or DevOps engineer with excellent programming skills, strong problem-solving abilities, a leadership track record, and a passion for developing tech solutions using cutting-edge technologies? Have you spent your career building game-changing software/hardware? Most importantly, are you looking to build a disruptive tech venture in the vibrant ecosystem of Munich? If so, we would like to hear from you!

Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in exceptional entrepreneurs. In Munich and beyond, we bring together entrepreneurs with diverse and complementary backgrounds to build the defining companies of tomorrow. From experienced business operators to technologists and serial entrepreneurs, we work with skilled founders regardless of background or geography. We are present in 25 locations worldwide, have supported 5,000+ founders through our residency, invested in 850+ startups, and received over 175,000+ applications.

From day one, we provide access to an unrivaled set of co-founders, strong ecosystem, network and expertise to support exceptional founders building what will define tomorrow.

Having invested in hundreds of companies and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, we know what works and what doesn't. This helps us better support you on your founding journey and maximize your chance of success. Whether you have built your own company before or are looking to found a company for the first time, tomorrow’s most impactful company could be built by you.

Details of the residency

1. The residency runs for an initial 10 weeks, full-time in Munich and starts on the 29th of January 2024.

2. In the pre-investment phase (10 weeks), you will ideate and find your co-founder(s) from the cohort of 50-70 founders.

3. After two months you will present your team and business idea to the Antler Investment Committee. If selected, you will receive a pre-seed investment of €100k for 10% equity.

4. If you get an investment, you will continue to be part of the residency for another 3 months throughout Antler will work closely with you to accelerate your growth. Antler will also arrange a Portfolio Day and provide you with fundraising support.

Who are we looking for?

Founders that join the residency come from a variety of backgrounds and have an assortment of skills and expertise. The residency will facilitate you and your co-founder to quickly build on an idea (either you come with an idea or you will be defining it with your team). If you enjoy a fast-paced, diverse, demanding, and incredibly engaging environment, join us!

We look for people with:

  • Inner drive: You're a self-starter and can motivate yourself and others to join your mission. You set high goals and have proven to achieve them.
  • A clear spike: That strong attribute which enables your skills and experiences to stand out from the crowd. You have deep knowledge in an area where you can form a foundation of your company's competitive advantage.
  • Grit: Your source of energy never runs low. You always find a window when the door closes. You have the willingness and ability to keep going when you're faced with obstacles.

What Antler will provide

  • Help finding your co-founder(s)
  • Personalized coaching sessions with business experts
  • Shared office space with access to various amenities
  • Access to a global network of start-up advisors and experts in their field
  • Potential investment at the pre-seed stage

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