Job description

As The Data Engineer You Will

  • Manage and prepare data for usability
  • Moves data from the source systems into the transactional layer and identifies the data sources (internal & external) to be used to create data models
  • Look after the day-to-day management of data feeds, ingestions, pipelines, modelling of data to feed the data lake and supporting the Data Analysts reporting needs

  • Design and implement data management and/or architecture solutions for Azure Synapse and Integration Platform
  • Design, implement and deploy data loaders to load data into Azure Synapse and Integration Platform
  • Manage model degradation and identify opportunities for improved data analysis
  • Focus on designing databases, software engineering, and making sure data is available for those who need it
  • Filter, tag, join, parse, and normalise data sets for use in analytics models
  • Manage model degradation / ensure models remain predictive
  • Prepare data that is poor quality so that it can be used in statistical tools
  • Assist the statistical modelers in filtering, tagging, joining, parsing, and normalising data sets for use in reports
  • Assist the report analyst in pulling data
  • Identify opportunities to tune/ improve data analysis
  • Work with the data steward to resolve data quality issues
  • Design and build statistical analysis models, machine learning models and other analytical modelling using the strategic analytics and integration technologies on large data sets
  • Assist solution architect in the day-to-day configuration of the Azure Synapse VMT program environment readiness
  • Assist ICT in complex SSIS, SSRS and other advanced SQL solution engineering
  • Support the business transition into the new data analytics operational patterns (i.e., use of data lake, and Azure pipelines
Essential Experience

  • Masters or Bachelor’s degree in one or more of the following: Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering
  • 2+ years designing and implementing large scale data loading, manipulation, processing, analysis and exploration solutions
  • Understanding of master data management principles and processes
This position closes Friday 23rd September 2022. Apply now for immediate consideration.

Graham Eather


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