AI Chief Data Scientist

Location: Singapore

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Job Summary

Nudgyt is looking for a Chief Data Scientist to lead our data science team.

Nudgyt is a A.I company that is the first to combine Behavioural Science and Artificial Intelligence to create Personality specific nudges to help people understand data and drive action towards desired goals.

Our Nudge engine is currently deployed to help managers improve performance and retention among their teammates by giving them personalized advice for each of their teammates. Ensuring that the Millennial Teammate gets the growth and learning he needs while that new parent in your team gets the work life balance he needs.

We have been tasked to expand the use of our Nudge engine into other product verticals such as education, finance or sales maximization.

As the Chief Data Scientist, you will be responsible for leading, building and training our data science team into researching and deployment of Nudgyt’s Nudge engine into various product verticals and clients.

Your main challenge is leading your team to understand the client’s business processes, identify the client’s critical challenges, locate key data sources and customize our data science offerings to the client to help solve the challenges the client faces.

Since the startup space can get crazy, we are looking for someone who is up for all kinds of challenges and has the initiative to seek out ways to be useful. We move fast, and we expect you to keep up with the all hands on board approach!

Duties and Responsibilities

Understanding Clients Needs

  • Meeting clients from different levels in the organization to understand the client’s business processes, identify key data sources, and customize our data science offerings to their context.
  • Gathering client information and requirements
  • Understanding the underlying business challenges
  • Understand the challenges in data flow from clients
  • Understand the data literacy among end users.

Building A.I Models

  • Build quick model prototypes (e.g. prediction, forecasting, clustering) using both proven and experimental techniques
  • Selecting the right algorithms / adapting different algorithms when the half life of the initial algorithm expires.

Client management

  • Communicating recommendations to clients at various levels of their organization to develop or customize Nudgyt’s services:
  • Allowing clients to understand how A.I can and cannot solve the business problem
  • Allowing clients to understand the strengths and limits of humans and A.I in designing new personalized processes (as compared to conveyor belt processes)

Building up data science team

  • Training and mentoring data science team in developing new products and services.
  • Understanding the development-cost tradeoffs when developing A.I models in line with business objectives.

Skills and Competencies

Must have:

  • Must have led a team to build and deploy Machine Learning models for paying Enterprise clients.
  • At least 6+ years of experience in Data Science or Mathematical Statistics.
  • C-suite leadership experience in running a cash flow positive startup.
  • Mentored or trained interns or new developers on Machine Learning
  • Have made hiring decisions with regards to new developers and data scientists.
  • Worked with an international team remotely
  • Experience in communicating directly with clients at each of the following levels:( C-suite, IT Staff, Frontline staff)

Nice to have

  • History or background knowledge of behavioural science concepts and authors like Dan Ariely, Richard Thaler or Angela Duckworth.
  • Understanding of Edge computing, Hidden Markov Models and Networked Learning models
  • Clients must have actively used deployed Machine Learning product for more than 2 years. This helps us evaluate if you understand algorithm half life and how algorithms are constantly evolving and need to be updated.

Technical Skills

  • Tensorflow
  • Experience in designing, deploying or maintaining end-to-end ML systems in production using Docker/Kubernetes
  • Keras
  • Python
  • Familiarity with cloud platforms like AWS or Azure

Job Factors

  • Willing to work on a results basis (this means pushing hard when deadlines loom but relaxing and learning when there is more time.)

*** Mention DataYoshi when applying ***

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