Senior Data Analyst: Operations SBFC

Location: Rosebank, Gauteng

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South Africa




Rosebank 30 Baker Street

Job Details

Risk Management

Job Purpose

  • To source, analyse, provision and report data to internal clients, timeously, in the necessary format and of outstanding quality, to contribute towards the creation / enhancement of CIBs Credit Risk models and programmes, and in subsequent appraisal of results, to quantify and manage credit risks and optimise risk decision-making associated with Counterparty, Transactional, Country/Sovereign, Industry/Sector specific risk.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Business needs analysis

  • Receive requests for data, engage and collaborate with internal and / or external stakeholders to understand business data requirements and proactively interrogate stakeholders to ensure that credit risk data are delivered in an appropriate format and to the desired specifications.

Data sourcing

  • Identify and evaluate alternate, available and relevant data sources to ensure reliability, validity and simple, efficient access to appropriate source data. Locate and remove duplicate sources of data and download and store required data resources in a chronological structure. Where required, work with other analysts and data engineers on quality assurance of source data and systems.

Data cleaning

  • Identify and resolve any ad hoc and / or persistent data quality and integrity issues by conducting both routine and ad-hoc data cleaning and testing, to facilitate the generation of aggregate and up-to-date risk data in a timely manner while also meeting the principles relating to accuracy, integrity, completeness and adaptability.

Data processing

  • Perform data pre-processing (i.e. data manipulation, transformation, normalisation, standardisation, visualisation and derivation of new variables/features), as applicable to developing specific algorithms or models. Build rules to transform the data into normalised data and / or report formats, depending on the needs of Model Development. Compile, sort and organises data in preparation for subsequent analysis.

Data analysis

  • Discover and apply insights from big data sets of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Apply data mining techniques, perform statistical analysis on large data sets and validate analysis using appropriate techniques (applying test data sets, A/B testing, scenario modelling, etc.).

Stakeholder engagement

  • Form productive networks with internal and external stakeholders. Collaborate to develop / enhance existing credit risk predictive models to meet specific business needs. Work with data analysis colleagues to review, approve, produce or update system or object data models and correlate these with CIB models. Work with database design or administration teams to translate object and data models into appropriate database schemas within design constraints.

Quality assurance

  • Ensure all technical solutions are delivered within continuous integration standards and agreed timelines. Quality assure work completed by junior colleagues, including code and business rules developed, supporting documents and test plans. Review work done by data analysts to assure compliance with standards, methods and tools used in the bank for application development.


  • Lead, develop and generate routine and ad-hoc reports, dashboards and risk data fact sheets in line with business requirements (i.e. in the required formats and with the relevant visualizations and commentary). Prepare interpretation of finding into clear, actionable, and timely insights and present these to internal and/or external clients (e.g. Credit Risk, Model Development and External Agencies).

Policies, procedures, systems standards and tools

  • Develop and document policies, procedures, governance guidelines and SLAs. Comply with all applicable policies, standards, systems, processes, and procedures (including Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting (RDARR) standards and technical policies and the BCBS 239 (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) data governance standards) so that all relevant risk and governance requirements are fulfilled while consistently delivering quality products and services.

Data stewardship and risk management

  • Drive consistent standards for data management and analysis tools and techniques and ensure compliance requirements are met for both structured and unstructured data. Ensure that strong controls are in place to deliver data that is fit for purpose within the business. Participate in disaster mitigation and recovery plans for solutions and databases supported.


  • Produce code and technical documentation using functional or technical specifications as input, including input into scope, constraints (such as performance or resources), hardware, network and software environments. Make support documentation available to project teams and CIB Risk IT. Develop, review and approve technical support documentation within agreed standards, methods and tools used in the bank for application development.

Audit coordination

  • Coordinate the department Audits (both Internal and External), in line with established standards ensuring proper coverage and application of auditing principles and practices within agreed timeframe.

Continuous improvement

  • Coach and guide colleagues on any aspect of the role (e.g. model creation, testing, documentation, coding, controls, and documentation standards, engaging effectively). Look actively for opportunities to shorten development times, improve skills of the team and improve cost efficiency development times, improve skills of the team and improve cost efficiency of application development activities.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology / Information Systems / Computer Science or related field
  • Years: 5-7 years
  • Experience Description: Collecting and analysing critical business data, transforming data and maintaining high levels of integrity in data management. Data sharing, sourcing data from third parties for validation purposes and as well as the service delivery of analysed critical data to business.
  • Years: 3-4 years Analysis and Design
  • Experience Description: Experience of programming in SQL, structured query language, and other common programming languages. Highly advanced computer skills are required for this job. Understands business trends and the direction technology must take to support the business.
  • Years: 3-4 years Risk Management and Credit Risk
    Experience Description: Experience with and understanding of credit risk data and terminology within Corporate and Investment Banking. Understands CIB’s products and services, and basic business processes.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Technical competency 1
    Competency Label: Data Analysis
    Competency Description: Ability to analyse statistics and other data, interpret and evaluate results, and create reports and presentations for use by others.
    Proficiency Level: SEASONED - Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required
  • Technical competency 2
    Competency Label: Data Integrity
    Competency Description: The ability to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data for the duration that the data is stored as well as preventing unintentional alterations or loss of data.
    Proficiency Level: SEASONED - Applies concepts without requiring
  • Technical competency 3
    Competency Label: Metadata management
    Competency Description: The knowledge and understanding of the IT systems and processes that are available to be used for the sharing, storing and retrieval of information in the organisation.
    Proficiency Level: SEASONED - Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required
  • Technical competency 4
    Competency Label: Statistical and mathematical analysis
    Competency Description: The ability to build, analyse and interpret numerical and non-numerical data to determine potential risk exposure and statistical inferences to inform business decisions.
    Proficiency Level: SEASONED - Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required
  • Technical competency 5
    Competency Label: Functional Analysis and UAT
    Competency Description: Skills and knowledge of activities, tasks, practices and deliverables to analyse and translate client needs and test the function of the system against the functional requirements.
    Proficiency Level: SEASONED - Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required
  • Technical competency 6
    Competency Label: Write Code
    Competency Description: Ability to write programming code based on a prepared design.
    Proficiency Level: ADVANCED - Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others

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*** Mention DataYoshi when applying ***

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