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Job description

Job Description

  • PhD or MS in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence with a heavy focus on NLP/Text mining with 5 years of relevant industry experience.
  • Creativity, resourcefulness, and a collaborative spirit.
  • Knowledge and working experience in one or more of the following areas: Natural Language Processing, Clustering and Classifications of Text, Question Answering, Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Distributional Semantics, Knowledge Engineering, Search Rank and Recommendation.
  • Deep experience with text-wrangling and pre-processing skills such as document parsing and cleanup, vectorization, tokenization, language modeling, phrase detection, etc.
  • Proficient programming skills in a high-level language (e.g. Python, R, Java, Scala)
  • Being comfortable with rapid prototyping practices.
  • Being comfortable with developing clean, production-ready code.
  • Being comfortable with pre-processing unstructured or semi-structured data.
  • Experience with statistical data analysis, experimental design, and hypothesis validation.

Project-based Experience With Some Of The Following Tools

  • Natural Language Processing (e.g. Spacy, NLTK, OpenNLP or similar)
  • Applied Machine Learning (e.g. Scikit-learn, SparkML, H2O or similar)
  • Information retrieval and search engines (e.g. Elasticsearch/ELK, Solr/Lucene)
  • Distributed computing platforms, such as Spark, Hadoop (Hive, Hbase, Pig), GraphLab
  • Databases ( traditional and NOSQL)
  • Proficiency in traditional Machine Learning models such as LDA/topic modeling, graphical models, etc.
  • Familiarity with Deep Learning architectures and frameworks such as Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras.


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