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As data engineer the incumbent will play a pivotal role in the Clinical data operation Team. She/he will be in charge to create, maintain and enhance, within the clinical data hub, subject and patient data ingestion, preparation and displaying to the main clinical data consumers working for clinic department and few others such as transitional medecine. He/she will be in charge to normalize multiple type of data such as (but not limited to) pharmacokinetics, PharmacoDynamics, biomarkers, Images, central lab, electronic case report form data in order to make them exploitable industrially for analytics and analysis in the respect of GDPR and GxP processes.


The bulk of his/her job will be to create, manage and optimize data pipelines and deploy them in production once industrialize to accelerate and democratize those data exploitation by main consumers such as physicians , Data managers, bio-Statisticians and any other persons authorized in the respect of law in place.

The data engineer also need to guarantee compliance with data governance and data security requirements while creating, improving and operationalizing these integrated and reusable data pipelines. This would enable faster data access, integrated data reuse and vastly improved time-to-solution for data and analytics initiatives. The data engineer will be measured on their ability to integrate analytics and (or) data science results with business processes.

She/he needs to guarantee pipelines and repository compliance with data governance, and data security requirements.

The CDO data engineer will be the key interface in operationalize data and analytics on behalf of business and organizational outcomes.

Key responsabilties:

The incumbent primary responsibility will be to architect, create and maintain data pipelines in a secure environment.

He/she will drive automation through effective metadata management. The data engineer will be responsible for proposing and using innovative and modern tool to partially or completely automate repeatable and tedious data preparation and integration tasks to secure data flow and minimize manual and error-prone processes and improve constantly the productivity.

This will include at least

  • Learning and using modern data preparation, integration and artificial intelligence enabled metadata management technologies.
  • Developing intelligent sampling and caching
  • Recommending existing and future integration flows
  • Tacking data consumption
  • Monitor schema changes

She /he will collaborate transversally with other department within digital but as well with other functions in business or such as (but not limited) data scientists business analysts , data managers or statisticians in order to improve and is business knowledge and be ale to refine data requirement and then data flow.

She/he should be in permanent own train and education to be able to propose and adapt data integration, preparation and operationalization optimally. She he will have to train counterpart to the data flow to make easier the data integration and consumption by final users.

The incumbent, in collaboration with data governance and compliance teams, should ensure that the data flow deployed ensure the security , accuracy and integrity of the data for consumers. He should check as well that data are available for people authorized only by take care that access management rules are in place.

She/he should be in permanent own train and education to be able to propose and adapt data integration, preparation and operationalization optimally.

Job-specific Skills & Competencies

Database, data lake, data warehouse, data integration technology- Master

Data, AI, ML Proficiency- Advance

Application Design & Integration Proficiency- Advance

DevOps Proficiency- Intermediate

Architecture Proficiency- Intermediate

Compliance of computerized systems Proficiency- Intermediate

Lean & Agile practices Proficiency- Intermediate/beginner

Technology- Informatica, SQL, Teradata, snowflake,…

Transversal Skills & Competencies (soft & behavioral skills)

Business Acumen- Intermediate

Problem Solving- Advance

Decision Making- Intermediate

Critical Thinking- Advance

Force of proposal- Intermediate

Transversal collaboration- Intermediate

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As part of its diversity commitment, Sanofi is welcoming and integrating people with disabilities.

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