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The Role

As a Data Scientist at Synthesis you’ll develop models and analytical frameworks designed for the sharpest insights and marketing professionals in the world, helping them prioritise the issues that matter most to their business and spot where the next big change will come from. We aggregate information from open data sources, advocating for the power of data to solve problems for business and for society as a whole, which means you will be running end-to-end analysis guiding the process from data gathering and cleaning through to processing, modelling and visualisation.

You’ll become an expert in layering datasets to build a complete picture of people’s behaviour, working with search, social, advertising & ecommerce datastreams to name just a few. Ours is a spirit of continuous experimentation and plussing: you’ll always be pushing your ideas in collaboration with a team of experienced data scientists around you. We work in tight-knit project teams, meaning you’ll work side by side with cultural strategists to interpret meaning in the data patterns we see and present your work to our client partners, so you see first-hand the impact your work has.


  • You have a solid understanding of statistical analysis and hands-on experience with one or more of the following programming languages: Java, Python or R.
  • You have experience in building data visualizations using off the shelf software or packages with R, Python, Gephi, Tableau etc. Familiarity with quick prototyping techniques for data viz work is an advantage.
  • You are comfortable working with large, complex, unstructured datasets, with a focus on text and image-processing. Natural language processing skills, including topic modelling and semantic parsing, especially for Asian languages and short texts, will be an advantage.
  • You’re able to communicate your analysis in simple, non-technical terms and relish the prospect of working alongside a team of strategy consultants to move from analysis to implication for business.
  • You enjoy iteratively developing your ideas, drawing on the value of the diverse experience and perspectives of those around you. You recognise the value of having an array of approaches at your disposal rather than focusing solely on one methodology or model.

This role would suit someone who...

  • Has 1-3 years experience working with data, and coding experience in R/Python
  • Comfortable with uncertainty, open ended challenges and enjoys creatively finding solutions to data science problems
  • Enjoys working in a fast paced, highly collaborative environment

Why Synthesis?

We do Human Centred Data Science. It’s a way of understanding data better by understanding the people and context shaping it. . It prioritises behaviour and context to unravel why people do what they do, at scale. By blending data science with human and market intelligence we help our clients spot early signals of change and predict implications for business.

Partnering with the world’s most successful brands in fashion, beauty, content and travel, we’re building specialised solutions to solve problems of planning for the future. Rooted in culture, tested in data science, we spot and anticipate changes and connections in culture to inspire action and help brands grow with a new wave of audiences. After three years of iteratively developing and perfecting these models, we are preparing to launch a series of products over the next 5 years.

We will be at the forefront of a shift towards leveraging open data to develop rich, honest, human insight. In an industry that has for too long relied on ‘question-response’ approach to understanding changes in behaviour, we prioritise layering behavioural, performative, search and sales data to highlight the discrepancies between what people say they do and what they actually do. We see a $20 billion industry that has failed to innovate for too long and we are just getting started.

*** Mention DataYoshi when applying ***

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