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Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

Pernod-Ricard is a leading worldwide Wine and Spirits company. This position was made possible thanks our very entrepreneurial, innovative and risk-taking culture from the beginning as the Group strongly extended its geographical and products footprint across time, starting from absinthe and anise drinks in France to a portfolio of 400+ brands brought to customers and consumers across 160+ countries.
Leveraging digital, data and AI is becoming increasingly critical for consumer goods companies—it is becoming self-evident that the champions of those topics will be the leaders of today and tomorrow:
  • AI and Data are shaping new ways to do business in the Consumer sectors with high-value applications such as end-to-end forecasting and planning along with ROI measurement for advertising and promotional spending.
  • This trend is reinforced by the Covid-19 context, which further increases the need to anticipate, adapt to, and shape changes in consumer demand and behavior.
In this context, Pernod Ricard, in line with its entrepreneurial culture, has the ambition to conquer new frontiers and be the most innovative Wine & Spirits company in the world in terms of AI and digital. The ambition is to leverage the uniqueness of the depth of our brand portfolio to address the right product & service at the right time, at the right price to the right person (at a time when market fragmentation is increasing in the Wine and Spirits sector). This will be done by
  • Reinventing the way sales forces operate, equipping them with data-driven tools supporting the prioritization of their efforts
  • Optimizing the pricing of products in real time.
  • Optimizing marketing spend allocation across channels
We have already started this transformation agenda
  • We have already deployed some flagship projects, e.g.,
  • Prioritization in France and in the US of Sales Forces allocation across points of sales based on business potential and image by using various sources of data (point of sales, sales data by SKU, Sales Rep data, social network, third-party data)
  • Prioritization of outlets through social media data & automated updates to increase market penetration and better calibration of our route to market
  • We have launched a global transformation program on Data & AI with strong sponsorship from the CEO and his top management and large financial investment.
  • Projects are delivered in production on our “Data Platform” built in partnership with our best in class IT team leveraging the most recent technologies available on the public cloud.
  • We built in partnership with our HR team a Data Academy program to certify internally our employee from “Grape to XO level”
Pernod-Ricard is looking for Machine Learning Engineer to join our Digital Transformation team.
  • Working at Pernod-Ricard is the perfect place for you to develop your technical skills in a holistic way:
  • We use Agile ways of working, allowing you to work in multidisciplinary teams deeply integrated with business and market. You will develop both technical skills and business / soft skills.
  • Top-notch team & tools:
  • Our team encompasses experienced and proven experts
  • We already have a central data platform in Azure connected to markets through snowflake.
  • Our platform team is already in place and uses cutting-edge tools to build & maintain applications, data science models & pipelines (Datalake, Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Dockers)
  • Variety of projects and day-to-day work:
  • We are present in 160+ markets with 400+ brands globally, we can propose an endless variety of projects.
  • We develop unique solution for our unique internal clients
  • Our commitment for a multi-year transformation journey will allow you to participate in projects with different maturities: from proof of concept to production.
  • Your day-to-day work will be varied as our team will focus on 3 priorities: push forward boundaries (imagine creative solutions to hack Pernod-Ricard), delivering qualitative tech assets for the company and facilitate adoption of the solution across the company.
Conviviality at work
How many of us have been in a job where we can truly be ourselves, where we get up every day feeling at ease and confidant to share who we are with people we work with? At Pernod-Ricard we are Proud to Belong, Empowered to Perform and Committed to Care.
We call it conviviality. We believe that this spirit should flow through to your work.
Job aim:
We’re looking for a passionate and talented Machine Learning Engineer to join our rapidly growing team. In this role, you’ll have the chance to roll up your sleeves to scale our data science models. Successful candidates are intellectually curious builders who are biased toward action, scrappy, and communicative.
Roles and responsibilities:
You will integrate a brand-new team including Data Scientists, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, and UX expert working closely with deployment lead and field experts. Under the supervision of the Head of Data & Analytics, you will be in charge of feeding our models to support digital use cases within the KEY DIGITAL PROGRAMS:
  • Understand business issues and translate these into technical needs
  • Apply software development practices and standards to develop robust and maintainable software
  • Develop abstract analytic models to solve complex problems for decision analysis
  • Maintain an active role in every part of the software development life cycle
  • Guide non-technical teams in understanding analytics at scale, infrastructure as code and best practices for robust software development
  • Optimize and enhance computational efficiency of algorithms and software design
  • Partner with Data Engineer & Data Scientist to scale prototypes models to robust models
  • Work closely with Data industrialization team (IT) to ensure that the POC will be eligible for industrialization
  • Interact directly with KDP teams on new features for future product releases
  • Share software design and solutions ideas
  • Actively contribute to Data platform community
Job Scope :
  • Key External stakeholders: Consulting firms, Tech companies
  • Internal stakeholders: Data scientist, Data Engineer, IT Platform lead, Project managers, experts
  • Job scope: 100% international
Profile required:
Soft skills
  • Pragmatic and capable of solving complex issues
  • Ability to understand business needs
  • Good communication
  • Push innovative solutions
  • Service-oriented, flexible & team player
  • Self-motivated, take initiative
  • Attention to detail & technical intuition
Hard skills
Experience in software development methods (illustrative)
  • Exposure to analytics applications or experience building analytics tools
  • Familiarity with data science methods and scaling data science methods
  • Proficiency with infrastructure as code principles
  • Familiarity with the storage, manipulation and management of relational, non-relational and streaming data structures
  • Analytic reasoning and complex problem solving involving mathematical programming and big data problems
  • Understanding of parallel computing
Familiarity with a broad base of analytics tools (illustrative)
  • Good knowledge of cloud computing. Knowing Azure is a plus
  • Languages programming: Python, GO, C++, Java, Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Terraform, unix-based command line
  • Full stack development: GraphQL, React
  • Data: SQL, Spark, Hadoop
  • Data Science and machine learning (Pandas, Scikit learn)
  • Deep learning (Tensorflow, Keras etc.)
  • Project management & support : JIRA projects & service desk, Trello, Confluence, Sharepoint
Past experience
  • Masters Degree in Computer Research Science, Statistics, Operations Research, or related field
  • 3-4 years of experience in a software development environment
  • Experience in an FMCG company is a strong plus
Role accountability
Machine Learning Engineer will report to the Head of Data & Analytics
Pernod Ricard values diversity and solidarity within its organization and in its relations with its stakeholders. Our recruitment methods focus on skills and we welcome all types of talent.
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