Lead Data Scientist IT

Job description

Job Overview:

This person is responsible for the development and hands-on implementation of the data analytics strategy. This includes data preparation & exploration, building machine learning models, deploying the solutions, and maintaining them thereafter.
The work does not only entail ad hoc analysis, but also requires the person to build and deploy models into a production environment alongside existing systems. Additionally, publishing and communicating analyses as reports or dashboards will also be expected.
Stakeholder engagement is important. This person will typically lead a team of diverse individuals in support of the data analytics strategy.


There are two main outputs (each with various tasks):
1- Develop the data analytics strategy:
  • Consider industry & technology trends as applicable.
  • Continuously refine the data analytics strategy.
  • Engage with stakeholders.
2- Implement the data analytics strategy:
  • Collaborate with data engineers on data ingestion & processing for the purpose of analytics.
  • Explore analytical opportunities, and thereafter build, deploy, and maintain these solutions.
  • Develop analytical reports and dashboards for consumption.
  • Lead a team on a technical front in support hereof.

Qualifications & Skills required
  • Relevant IT Certification/Diploma/Degree
  • Good programming skills in both Python and SQL.
  • Ability to engineer cloud-first solutions in the Amazon Web Services cloud, with specific emphasis on services related to the hosting of analytical solutions.
  • Ability to lead a data science team.
  • Relevant background and practical experience in machine learning and advanced analytics, beyond tutorials and trivial problems.
  • Understanding of the software development process, with proficiency in Git for version control and build & deployment pipelines in GitLab.
  • Ability to create reports and dashboards to communicate data & analysis results, using a variety of technologies, such as Microsoft Power BI.

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