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Molecular Researcher and Data Analyst
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis
UC San Diego
San Diego, CA
118 days ago

UCSD Health Sciences is a $1 billion dollar plus organization encompassing 16 academic departments (14 clinical, 2 basic sciences), 2 pre-academic/hospital departments, 2 professional schools (School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences), 2 hospitals, and various other programs and units all dedicated towards fulfilling the Health Sciences missions. The Department of Medicine at UC San Diego is a leading center for clinical care, research, and teaching. We are dedicated to translating laboratory discoveries into better methods to detect, prevent and treat disease.

Under general supervision, the researcher will oversee lab operations of a molecular cell biology laboratory, will be responsible for biological research experiments and sequencing data management and analysis. Incumbent will play multiple roles in assay development, automation, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), NGS data analysis. Incumbent will also participate in authoring and preparing manuscripts for publication of data.


  • Advanced theoretical knowledge of biology, cell biology, or molecular biology typically attained by a Bachelor's Degree. Related fields may include biochemistry.

  • Proven experience in sterile procedures and cell culture techniques.

  • Demonstrated experience, skill and knowledge of research design and methodology to achieve experimental goals.

  • Proven hands-on skills with molecular biology techniques and NGS library preparation, including mRNA-seq, small RNA-seq, total RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, CLIP-seq, ATAC-seq.

  • Strong experience with operating NGS sequencers and evaluating sequencing qualities.

  • Advanced skill for NGS data analysis. Experience processing raw data from NGS experiments.

  • Demonstrated skill and experience in developing new assay, especially NGS libraries.

  • Demonstrated skill and experience in programming and operating liquid handling instruments. Application of multiple bioinformatic packages using different programming languages such as R, Python, Bash for the analysis of NGS data.

  • Extensive knowledge of statistical analysis methods and models, mathematical and computational algorithm, such as machine learning algorithms.

  • Experience with development of high-throughput assays for genetic screens.

  • Enthusiasm for learning and a genuine interest in scientific research. Willingness and ability to learn new skills, research methods, and scientific principles.

  • Proven ability to operate and maintain of various lab equipment such as centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and scintillation counters.

  • Knowledge of radiation safety and biosafety techniques and practices. Experience working with chemical, radioisotope, and biological hazards and recognizing safety problems.

  • Strong communication skills (both verbal and written) to interact professionally and effectively in the work environment, as well as effectively and accurately document research procedures. Ability to read, comprehend and discuss research materials.


  • Demonstrated knowledge to read and use Material Safety Data Sheets. Knowledge of UCSD Environmental Health and Safety requirements and the ability to write with correct syntax and grammar and to clearly communicate ideas and protocols in writing to EH&S. Experienced in working and maintaining a sterile environment.

  • Knowledge of and ability to use UCSD purchasing software and procedures including on line applications.


  • Employment is subject to a criminal background check.

  • Must be willing to work with biohazardous, toxic materials, and mice.

  • Occasional evenings and weekends may be required.

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