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Location: Kalundborg

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Do you find yourself most engaged when you transform data into solid strategic decisions and hands-on optimisations? Or maybe you enjoy the most when your curiosity drives you to deep dive into equipment, processes and workflows – always asking yourself: “how could this be done even better?”. If you have the technical skills to back a passion for data-driven improvements, then you may be just the person we are looking for.

About the department
Novo Nordisk Biopharm Finished Products Kalundborg (Bio FP KA) handles all processes in the value chain, from raw material intake to final marketing and distribution. As our new Data Scientist in Bio FP KA, you will join our New Product Entries & Projects team where you will constitute a third of a small workgroup that will be your closest colleagues. In the team, we share tall ambitions and a humorous tone – we are successful because we proactively seek and develop the opportunities to improve processes and workflows, working with data from a vast array of sources. As such, we support many kinds of improvement projects across Biopharm, with a main focus on the value chain from unformulated Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) all the way to the consumable vial or pen that make up the patient experience.

Crunching data from across the value chain provides valuable insight for operators and management alike. Pretty soon, your discoveries and ideas will qualify and inspire strategic decisions, just as you will quickly create a number of hands-on opportunities for your colleagues to improve their workday.

The position
Your overall responsibility will be to access and utilise data to improve and optimise processes and workflows in the production lines and support functions. Some of the job will be about getting the right data from the right sources at the right time and in the right formats, but mostly this will require your people skills and business understanding than your technical experience with coding or data mining. In general, the organisation is quite mature when it comes to data access, but there will be times where your creativity and process understanding will create the difference between meaningless numbers and true insight.

Mostly, you will be analysing how to improve lead time all the way from us receiving the API through formulation, filling and assembly to readiness for packaging in our sister department and ensure that your insights are brought to good use. With all the processes involved, you will be busy exploring and identifying opportunities to get data, understanding the specific parts of the processes and equipment involved and develop sustainable improvements from trend identification, down-time patterns, peak performance circumstances etc.

When you arrive at a valuable insight, you will be the one communicating this to all the stakeholders involved. Management, supporters and operators alike will need to understand your findings in detail – which is why we expect you to present and unfold your finding in lucid use of visualisation software like Tableau or Graphene. You will be exchanging knowledge in a network of peers across Novo Nordisk, working together to improve methods, tools and approaches.

As may be evident by now, this is a position you will play a large part in shaping for yourself and the business. Once you get the hang of how we work here, you will be the one deciding where to look for data sources, how to acquire the necessary process understanding and which tools to employ in your data handling, analysis and communication. In other words, your success will be dependent not only on your technical and analytical skills, but in large part on your ability to connect to a diverse and complex organisation. So even if you will be working quite independently, your curiosity will quickly be known to many of your colleagues throughout the department and beyond. In this position, you will have an impact on the organisation as a whole, make a difference for your colleagues and be exposed to lots of opportunities for personal and professional development along the way.


  • So long as you possess the experience and the analytical level to make a difference, your path here may look very differently from what we imagine.
  • We imagine that the ideal candidate has a background in production engineering with a profound interest for data science that have led to few years of experience with data analysis in a highly technical production environment.
  • Or maybe you are a M.Sc. within pure data science, math or statistics and have acquired a thorough process understanding from previous jobs.
  • Most importantly, you possess the skills to access and analyse data from a complex manufacturing setup, develop sustainable solutions and communicate them effortlessly.
  • We expect you to be able to employ all the tools necessary to reach your goals, from handling data in extraction and mining software, processing them in statistical tools and finally visualising them in various types of boards – in real-time where this is possible.
  • It is essential that you are structured and creative at the same time, so solutions may be thought differently.

To succeed in this position, you will be helped by a curious, outgoing and proactive nature, as we will be counting on your ability to quickly understand complexity at a high level, your people skills in connecting with all of your stakeholders and your initiative to make an impact on the ways we do things.

About Novo Nordisk Kalundborg

Become a part of Novo Nordisk Manufacturing in Kalundborg and get a developing career among the most talented people in a successful company. Together, we make a real difference every day for more than 30 million people living with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

We have 50 years of expertise in biotechnological production at Novo Nordisk in Kalundborg. Generations of employees have developed their professional qualifications, personal skills and careers at Novo Nordisk and have helped develop the production facility to become the largest insulin-producing facility in the world.

Today, our 3,000 employees produce half of the world’s insulin and a number of biopharmaceutical products. Furthermore, our finished product sections assemble and pack diabetes and biopharmaceutical products.

You will soon sense why Novo Nordisk Kalundborg is a highly unique place and why we are passionate about working here. You will be met with trust and responsibility by welcoming and dedicated colleagues. Novo Nordisk Kalundborg is a workplace where involvement, development and multidisciplinarity are in focus.


To find out more about the job, our department or how we do things here, please feel free to call Alex Linnemann +45 30791008.

You may also wish to learn more about working in Novo Nordisk – if so, here is a good place to begin:


2nd May 2021.

Millions rely on us
To work for Novo Nordisk you will need the skills, dedication and ambition to change lives for the better for millions of patients living with diabetes and other chronic diseases. In exchange, we offer the chance to be part of a truly global workplace, where passion and engagement are met with opportunities for professional and personal development.

*** Mention DataYoshi when applying ***