Job description


The Associate - Data Analyst duties include but are not limited to:

  • Data Collection and Cleaning
    • Understand data from both internal and external sources, able to perform EDA and clean the data
    • Design and implement a robust data pipeline, from sourcing, storing, to validating
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Run recurring monthly and quarterly reports that provide industry and macro-environment insights
    • Perform data analysis and modeling to identify critical insights to help decisions and business strategy
    • Create customized reports to highlight takeaways, make recommendations and propose action plans
    • Collaborate with different teams on projects that improve portfolio performance and work efficiency
  • System Integration and Automation
    • Design compelling user interface/visualization that translates data to a concise and valuable format
    • Work with IT/BI to automate data input and output through Snowflake, API, and Power BI
    • Incorporate strong data governance to monitor data quality, accountability, and implications.
    • Continue to improve current data/system platforms and maintain optimal data pipeline architecture
  • Research and Presentation
    • Perform research through external sources, such as S&P Global, Bloomberg, Green Street, etc.
    • Perform ad hoc analysis and deep dive that impact business performance (such as legislation/ COVID)
    • Summarize key findings for data providers' quarterly Webinar and reporting
    • Stay current with the latest technology trends and seek innovation
    • Utilize PowerPoint and Power BI to create presentations for function teams and senior leadership
    • Perform all other job-related duties as requested


  • Background
    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university (Master’s preferred)
    • Major in Business, Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, or Computer Science
    • A 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Experience
    • 2-5 years full-time experience in data cleaning, analytics, modeling, and system integration
    • Excellent data analytics skills using Excel, Power Query, Power Pivot
    • Proficiency in Python, R, SQL, or equivalent
    • Good understanding of statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms (Regressions, NN, etc.)
    • Knowledge with BI/data visualization tools (Power BI or Tableau)
    • Familiar with third-party API integration and cloud-service such as Snowflake
  • Skills and Interests
    • Attention to details – being organized with checklists and efficiently allocate resources to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing tasks
    • Communication – able to communicate openly and directly without blindsiding teams; provide timely feedback among teams and not afraid of managing up
    • Accountability and ownership – do what you say, own your mistakes, and take responsibilities
    • Ability to deal with pressure and challenges in a fast-paced environment with a positive mindset
    • Time-sensitive and a strong sense of urgency – deliver things timely and know how to maximize efficiency
    • Critical thinking – identify the root cause of challenges and propose potential solutions
    • Growth-mindset – constantly seek ways to improve current status quo and keep learning
    • Excellent team player with a collaborative, forward-thinking and positive mindset that fosters relationships
    • Strong interest in working in real estate, healthcare, and/or investment


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