Developer and machine learning engineer

Job description

Developer and machine learning engineer

Capia As, Tromsø

About us

Capia is a data analytics company located in Tromsø. We are working on challenging tasks, and are cooperating closely with very knowledgeable researchers and companies.

We produce interactive applications and reports, which our end users use to further their knowledge and reach informed decisions.

Job description

We are looking for someone to strengthen our development team who works on collecting, storing and providing data for researchers. Based on models the researchers make, we help them out making the models come to life in interactive web applications, through slick visualizations using the latest in web technology.

Our researchers preferred language is R, and knowledge about it is a bonus, although not a must. Training will be provided.

Machine learning is also something we are delving deeper into. We are in demand for someone who can train networks for object / feature detection and tracking in images and point clouds, and deploy them to production. Experience from usage of GPU / TPU accelerators is a bonus.

Skills, Experience And Qualifications

  • Programming in Javascript (both NodeJS and in browser)
  • Experience with web visualizations through for instance Plotly, Highcharts, D3, three.js or others like them. Good understanding of SVG, canvas and webgl.
  • Strong SQL skills. We use MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Clickhouse today, but we value strong experience in any SQL dialect as these are quite transferable.
  • Git, Docker and Linux
  • Machine learning (Training and validation in your preferred framework)
  • Knowledge in R and Python is a bonus
  • Good communicator, capable of teaching others

Please contact developer Stian Berger, , or managing partner Dag Eivind Opstad, (+47 90 85 29 01), for any questions.

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Indrykket: 3 nov 2021
Indrykket: 3 nov 2021
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