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Job description is happy to announce an opening for a Data Analyst for FinOps to join as the second analyst in our Data and Analytics department. The mission of the Data and Analytics Department is to make smarter by enabling a deeper understanding of our customers and our internal operations. We do this by wrangling an enormous pile of platform events and operational business data into insights that can use to make better decisions and a better product for our users.

Your mission in this role will be to work in tandem with our Finance team to enable accurate reporting and informed decision making in the financial domain. You will be diving deep into our costs and billing as well as identifying and implementing process automation.

What you can expect:

  • You’ll start your journey by gaining a deep understanding of our data stack, data flows, and methodologies. We will bring you up to speed on the existing state of our financial analysis, and welcome your curiosity as you learn and explore.
  • You will gain valuable, hands-on experience understanding and analyzing detailed cost and usage reporting from each of the Big 3 public cloud providers, identifying trends and patterns that directly affect the bottom line here. Additionally, you will develop a holistic understanding of how we can analyze and attribute not-so-clear costs such as support or R&D.
  • Countless opportunities to contribute directly to the bottom line and the growth of this company by helping identify cloud inventory that can be optimized and workflow and processes that can be made more efficient across the company.

You’ll be working with the Data and Analytics team to not only learn our methodologies and data practices, but to also maintain a view of data analysis happening across and recognize collaboration and cross-sectional analysis opportunities.

Things we’ll consider:

First, don’t let your lack of one or more of these stop you from applying. If you are curious, creative, and looking to join a smart, thoughtful team building some very interesting technology, we’d very much like to have a conversation.

This is a SQL-first position. Our data stack is built upon BigQuery as the warehouse with DBT for the transformation layer. Metabase is our BI and analysis frontend for most of the business. Your primary tools will be SQL authored and run through DBT, and Metabase for exploring and presenting analyses to stakeholders. Don’t worry if you haven’t used DBT, but intermediate SQL is required.

Most data is useless in the absence of context, so an unquenchable curiosity to know what’s going on in every corner of the company and to understand why will transform your discoveries into compelling stories that will drive the direction of parts of this company for years to come.

Ideally you already know the difference between a balance sheet, a P&L, and a cash flow statement and the difference between COGS and R&D and why all of these acronyms and many more are important to a mid-sized SaaS scaleup business.

You have experience in the tech industry, maybe even with hosting, infrastructure, or CI/CD. Maybe you don’t, but in either case, you understand that our product is unique enough that you look forward to learning’s offering and business model.

Lastly, you value an environment of trust and thrive under autonomy. This role does not currently exist, so you’ll be inventing it with the help and support of your colleagues in the data team. You are ready to take ownership of your role and become the team’s finops data expert.

Our current data stack:

  • BigQuery
  • Fivetran
  • Prefect
  • DBT
  • Metabase

Please let the company know that you found this position on this Job Board as a way to support us, so we can keep posting cool jobs.

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