Senior Data Scientist

Job description

Underdog.io is a modern recruiting platform. One of our hiring partners is looking to hire a Senior Data Scientist. In this role, you'll work on harnessing the power of data, developing algorithms, and creating predictive models to drive strategic decisions and propel the company's innovations. The ideal candidate will be analytical, display leadership capabilities, and be passionate about transforming raw data into actionable insights as the company consistently seeks to optimize its operations and offerings based on data-driven intelligence.

The company is looking to hire someone with (1) a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience, (2) significant experience in data science or a related quantitative field, and (3) a profound understanding of machine learning techniques, statistical modeling, and data wrangling methods. The ideal candidate should also have hands-on experience with data visualization tools, working with big data platforms, conducting A/B tests, and/or collaborating with cross-functional teams to implement data-driven strategies.

On a typical day, you will (1) design and develop data-driven models and algorithms, (2) participate in or lead brainstorming sessions to identify new data opportunities or solutions, (3) critically review and interpret data findings to ensure alignment with business goals, (4) update and maintain data pipelines and analytical tools considering new data sources or evolving business needs, and (5) collaborate with engineering, product, and business teams to integrate data insights into actionable strategies.

The company employs cutting-edge data tools and platforms, including Python, R, TensorFlow, SQL, Spark, and various data visualization tools like Tableau or PowerBI, to name a few.

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