Data Scientist, Service Office IKEA Spain (Retail)

Job description

What you'll need to have

  • Extensive understanding of how to leverage large datasets to improve decision-making in a business setting
  • Broad knowledge of relevant scripting languages (such as Python) and the role of notebook environments for sharing findings and code with others
  • Broad knowledge of probability and statistics, including hypothesis testing using controlled experiments (e.g. A/B testing)
  • Extensive knowledge of SQL and the role it plays in data analysis
  • Developing business problem related statistical/ML modeling with industry tools with primary focus on Python development
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate, network and build strong relations with team members and stakeholders
  • Ability to translate business input into testable hypotheses, features/models, or metrics
  • Independent problem-solver, including an ability to self-learn new techniques/tools as needed
  • Business storytelling and communicating data insights in business consumable format.

Key previous experiences and proven skills

  • Formal qualifications (BSc, MSc, PhD) in computer science, econometrics, engineering, mathematics, or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience as a (Junior) Data Analyst or (Junior) Data Scientist
  • Extensive knowledge of data processing for large datasets
  • Familiarity with cloud computing environments, Azure, Azure Databricks, GCP

Your responsibilities

  • Ensure, promote and take full responsibility for informed decision-making based on data in order to improve business performance, always leading by example and actively encouraging fellow team members in cross-functional teams to prioritise and be part of transforming IKEA into a more data-driven company
  • Conduct advanced data exploration and analysis using modern data mining techniques (including Machine Learning), visualization tools, or a combination thereof, to provide insights that help co-workers and stakeholders make better decisions
  • Evaluate the potential and usability of raw, unstructured internal and external data sources for use in product analytics and data-driven decision-making in general
  • Proactively manage relevant organisational processes, including meetings with relevant stakeholders and/or teams to drive an intended outcome

Our team within Ikea

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