Job description

Are you interested in fundamentally changing how people interact with the electricity grid? We do this every day at Reposit Power.

We’re looking for an awesome Data Analyst to support our Market Operations team in managing big data and drawing key insights stemming from the operation of our fleet of thousands of distributed renewable energy assets.

Reposit’s Purpose

Our purpose is to make energy limitless and free for all! …Yes, you read that right.

We’re blending Smart Technology (AI, Machine Learning, and other cool stuff), Virtual Power Plants and Renewable Energy to pioneer a new way for Australians to accelerate the transition to a cleaner, greener energy future all without sacrificing our energy demanding creature comforts.

Cool, huh? We think so.

Our Values

At Reposit we, and our people, value the following characteristics and behaviours:

  • No Fuss: We are transparent, respectful, and keep it simple
  • Tenacity: We do what it takes.
  • Approachable: We have fun at work, and laugh more than we frown.
  • Visionary: We see around the corners.
  • Engineering Rigour: We measure twice, and cut once.
  • Passion: We are keen beans and love what we do.

Our Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Reposit’s SLT comprises our CEO, Head of Operations, CTO and Chief of Sales & Marketing. As Reposit’s key Data Analyst you will be part of our fantastic Operations team led by our Head of Operations.

Benefits of Working for Reposit

We are a small organisation seeking to do big things, and we aim to attract the very best people from all corners of Australia. Working at Reposit means you get to interact with some of the very best minds the energy sector has to offer, on cutting edge Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology, which Reposit has been an industry pioneer in developing and delivering for more than 8 years.

We offer competitive salary packages and we don’t just talk a big game on flexibility and work/life balance, we actually deliver! We are a fully remote organisation with our Policy being simply “Work from wherever it is you do your best work”. That could mean the office, your home, the beach or even the local pub/cafe (Covid restrictions permitting, of course!). As long as you are helping advance Reposit, your colleagues and Reposit’s customers towards realising our purpose, then you get to choose where you do it!

About You

You are excited by the prospect of working with an agile and innovative team, and are passionate about renewable energy and helping progress Australia, and the world, toward a smarter, carbon neutral and energy abundant future.

You could be early on in your career journey, or could be a seasoned professional looking for a cool gig that keeps you engaged and motivated. Either way you most likely have an engineering or computer science qualification under your belt, and a few years of experience in dealing with processing, storing and analysing big data.

But above all you have an eagerness to roll up your sleeves, be tenacious and make a difference all while having a bit of fun along the way!

About The Role

Reposit controls thousands of rooftop solar and battery systems across Australia, we aggregate this capacity into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and use it to trade energy services in various markets to make our customers some additional money from their assets. As the Operations Data Analyst you will get to work on complex and interesting problems using big data collected from these systems to help inform the business on optimal delivery of these aggregated energy services to various markets.

You will have the opportunity to work directly with our SLT and CEO in delivering business intelligence on the performance of our VPP and will have the opportunity to deliver real, tangible outcomes everyday. This means you could go from analysing an individual system’s energy profile one day, to analysing the aggregated response of thousands of systems delivering many MW of energy services to the grid the next.

Skills & Responsibilities

Working remotely is great, but makes communication even more critical to success. So you must have the following communication skills:

  • Ability to engage and consult with internal and external stakeholders to achieve outcomes
  • Not be afraid to communicate in an honest, frank, forthright but respectful way
  • A strong ability to comprehend complex concepts and communicate them in Plain English

This role is all about, well, analysing things. So you should have the following analytical skills:

  • Experience working with Big Data and associated tools such as Apache Spark, Beam, Flink, Google BigQuery or AWS Redshift (Google Cloud knowledge preferred)
  • Mid level experience with Data Analysis languages (e.g. Python, R, etc)
  • Identifying, analysing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex and large data sets
  • Ability to solve complex and interesting problems that have a material impact on the business
  • Working with the Operations team to prioritise business and information needs
  • Develop and provide reporting and assurance to Reposit’s Senior Leadership Team

And here’s some other things we would like:

  • Some experience in the electricity industry, or a proven ability to learn enough to get the job done
  • The art of ‘getting to the right it’ i.e. Asking the right questions to gain the correct insights from the data
  • Ability to juggle multiple things at once.
  • Ability to prioritise your work to ensure maximum business value is delivered

Duration & Work Arrangements

The role will be:

  • Full Time, 5 days a week
  • Fully remote working, with occasional face-to-face meetings at our head office in Canberra.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Starting ASAP (date negotiable)

How To Apply

To apply for this role, or to ask any questions of the role, please submit the following to

  • CV (2-page max)
  • Cover Letter (1-page pax)
  • Portfolio of your work (e.g. Website, Git, PPT, videos etc.)

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