Senior Data Scientist

Job description

We are developing our Data Science capability to deliver innovative solutions for patient care, as well as establish a data-driven culture to empower our teams and support strategic decisions.

In that context, the Senior Data Scientist is responsible for developing and conducting data-driven research. He/She applies his/her mathematical and coding skills on data for multiple purposes such as:

  • Improve the medical knowledge of diseases and patients
  • Optimize the design of a clinical trial
  • Refine the value proposition of Ipsen drugs
  • Support and refine the commercial strategy for a given drug and geography.

Key contributor of Ipsen Data Lab, the Senior Data Scientist works in close collaboration with his peers (Data Scientists, Data Engineers, DataOps, Developers, Product Owners) and Ipsen business stakeholders to deliver innovative services and products, possibly in co-creation with external partners (consulting companies and startups).

He/she also develops a strong expertise in medical, research and patients-centric data (Clinical Trials Data and Real World Data)

Main responsibilities / job expectations

  • Join as relevant multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural project teams, working in collaboration with Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Medical teams, HEOR, Sales & Marketing and external partners
  • Develop a deep understanding of the medical and/or business issue to be solved
  • Formalize the business opportunity into data-driven objectives
  • Identify / support the identification of the right data sources to be used (structured / not structured) and performs data scouting prior to data acquisition
  • Perform the Data Science developments in small sprints (Data cleaning, explorations, transformations, descriptive analytics, data visualizations, predictive modeling)
  • Develop presentation materials and communicate the outcomes properly, according to the skills and expectations of the audience
  • Contribute to the reinforcement of the data-driven culture, promoting the data and insights generated by the team
  • Collaborate with the Data Engineering team to industrialize the data-science products as relevant
  • Be a learner and stay up-to-date on latest Data Science innovations

Knowledge, abilities & experience


  • Master degree or PhD in Data-Science or related fields
  • 3+ years of experience as a Data Scientist
  • Evidence that you can evolve ideas into practical implementations
  • Deep understanding of quantitative modelling, machine and deep learning approaches
  • Passionate about health care
  • Team player
  • Agile mindset, open-minded, comfortable within a changing environment
  • Good communication skills
  • Be business oriented to create value for end-users in every step

Technical skills:

  • Mandatory: Proficient in Python software engineering, Pandas, Scikit Learn
  • Optional: Kubeflow, Pandas as Dask, Git, AWS Managed services (Athena, Glue, Sagemaker), NLTK, Spacy, Transformers (by Hugging Face), OpenCV, Albumentations, segmentation_models, PyTorch/Tensorflow, NLP / Images Processing


  • Proficient in English

Dans le cadre de ses recrutements IPSEN s’engage au respect de l’égalité de traitement des candidats, indépendamment du sexe, de l’âge, de l'orientation sexuelle, de l'origine ethnique, de la couleur de la peau, de la nationalité, du handicap ou de l'appartenance à un syndicat.

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