JD Data Engineer

Location: Centurion, Gauteng

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JD Data Engineer

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Brief Description:
Here is a contract opportunity of 18 months for JD Data Engineer

Job Description:

The successful candidate will be: responsible for creating data pipelines to support downstream data delivery,


There are two main duties:

  • Develop & maintain data pipelines in support of downstream data delivery.
  • Perform analysis on organizational data & create reports to communicate the results.

Qualifications & Skills required:

  • Good programming skills in both Python and SQL.
  • Good database design skills and an understanding of data warehousing techniques and approaches.
  • An understanding of and ability to access data from sources such as:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • MongoDB
    • Amazon S3
    • Windows and Linux file systems (Excel, delimited files, etc.)
    • HTTP APIs
    • SFTP sites
    • An ability to engineer cloud-first solutions in the Amazon Web Services cloud.
    • An interest in machine learning and advanced analytics, and the development of data pipelines in support thereof.
    • An understanding of the software development process, with proficiency in Git for version control and build & deployment pipelines in GitLab.
    • An ability to create reports and BI dashboards to communicate data & analysis results, using a variety of technologies, which might include:
      • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
      • Microsoft PowerBI
      • Microsoft Excel
Software Engineering
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