Data Engineer (Int)

Job description

Position Description

We are looking for a Data Engineer to join our growing Data Architecture team. The hire will be responsible for expanding and optimizing our customer’s data and data pipeline architecture, as well as optimizing data flow and collection for cross functional teams. The ideal candidate is an experienced data pipeline builder and data wrangler who enjoys optimizing data systems and building them from the ground up. The Data Engineer will support our software developers, database architects, data analysts and data scientists on data initiatives and will ensure optimal data delivery architecture is consistent throughout ongoing projects. They must be self-directed and comfortable supporting the data needs of multiple teams, systems, and products. The right candidate will be excited by the prospect of optimizing or even re-designing our customer’s data architecture to support their next generation of products and data initiative.

Company Overview

Business success isn’t just about where you’ll go and how you’ll get there. It’s also about who you’ll team with. We are committed to making our story about you and your successful journey, serving as an insightful and resourceful partner.

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. We are insights-driven and outcome-based to help accelerate returns on IT and business investments.

In all we do, our goal is to build trusted relationships through client proximity, providing industry and technology expertise to help you reach your career objectives and meet the needs of customers.

Your future duties and responsibilities

This role part of the Data Architecture & Engineering team will support our data scientists, data analysts, database architects and software developers on data initiatives and will ensure optimal data delivery architecture is consistent throughout ongoing projects. This role will be supporting the data needs of multiple teams, systems and products. This role will be critical to designing and implementing right-sized solutions that are available, scalable, and stable.

Required Qualifications To Be Successful In This Role

The Expertise and Skills You Bring

  • Good working SQL knowledge and experience working with relational databases, query authoring (SQL) as well as working familiarity with a variety of databases.
  • Experience in cloud services such as AWS EMR, EC2, Juypter notebooks.
  • Strong analytic skills related to working with unstructured datasets.
  • Engagement in activities manipulating, processing, and extracting value from various datasets.
  • Working knowledge of message queuing, stream processing, and scalable ‘big data’ data stores.
  • Experience supporting and working with cross-functional teams in a dynamic environment.
  • Experience with AWS & other cloud services: EC2, EMR, Kubernetes, Elastic-Search etc.
  • Experience with stream-processing systems: Storm, Spark-Streaming, Kafka etc.
  • Experience with object-oriented/object function scripting languages: Python, Java, C++, Scala, etc.
  • Experience with big data tools: Hadoop, Spark, Snowflake etc.
  • Experience with relational SQL and NoSQL databases, including Postgres and Cassandra.
  • Experience with data pipeline and workflow management tools: Azkaban, Luigi, Airflow, etc.
  • Bachelor’s in computer science or related field with at least 3-5 years for relevant experience is desired.
  • Strong organizational skills & excellent team player.

Insights you can act on

While technology is at the heart of our clients’ digital transformation, we understand that people are at the heart of business success.

When you join CGI, you become a trusted advisor, collaborating with colleagues and clients to bring forward actionable insights that deliver meaningful and sustainable outcomes. We call our employees members because they are CGI shareholders and owners and owners who enjoy working and growing together to build a company we are proud of. This has been our Dream since 1976, and it has brought us to where we are today — one of the world’s largest independent providers of IT and business consulting services.

At CGI, we recognize the richness that diversity brings. We strive to create a work culture where all belong and collaborate with clients in building more inclusive communities. As an equal-opportunity employer, we want to empower all our members to succeed and grow. If you require an accommodation at any point during the recruitment process, please let us know. We will be happy to assist.

Ready to become part of our success story? Join CGI — where your ideas and actions make a difference.

Spécialiste de données (Int)

Job Description

Spécialiste de données (Int)

Your future duties and responsibilities

Spécialiste de données (Int)

Required Qualifications To Be Successful In This Role

Spécialiste de données (Int)

Allier savoir et faire

Alors que la technologie s’inscrit au cœur de la transformation numérique de nos clients, nous savons que les individus sont au cœur du succès en affaires.

Lorsque vous rejoignez CGI, vous devenez un conseiller de confiance, collaborant avec vos collègues et clients pour proposer des idées exploitables qui produisent des résultats concrets et durables. Nous appelons nos employés membres parce qu’ils sont actionnaires et propriétaires de CGI. Ils ont du plaisir à travailler et à grandir ensemble pour bâtir une entreprise dont nous sommes fiers. C’est notre rêve depuis 1976. Il nous a menés là où nous sommes aujourd’hui – l’une des plus importantes entreprises indépendantes de conseil en technologie de l’information (TI) et en management au monde.

Chez CGI, nous reconnaissons la richesse que la diversité nous apporte. Nous aspirons à créer une culture à laquelle nous appartenons tous et collaborons avec nos clients pour créer des communautés plus inclusives. En tant qu’employeur qui prône l’égalité des chances pour tous, nous voulons donner à tous nos membres les moyens de réussir et de s’épanouir. Si vous avez besoin d’un accompagnement spécifique durant le processus de recrutement et d’intégration, veuillez nous en informer. Nous serons heureux de vous aider.

Prêt à faire partie d’une entreprise qui est gage d’excellence? Rejoignez CGI – où vos idées et vos actions changent la donne.

Please let the company know that you found this position on this Job Board as a way to support us, so we can keep posting cool jobs.

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